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Student Success at Bishop Allen Academy
success.bmpThe principles of Student Success at Bishop Allen are three-fold: that all students can succeed, that all students can benefit from connections with caring adults, and that all students should feel their participation in the school environment is valued and respected.  The Student Success Team at Bishop Allen is designed to encourage each and every student to achieve their full potential.  Together with the student, we will help tailor the learning environment for each individual student to optimize their chance at academic success.  It is a team approach, that combines the support of the Student Success Teacher, the Guidance Department, the Educational Services Department, Chaplaincy and Administration, who come together to support and plan with students for their best interests, and to realize “success for all” students. 


Who Can Access Student Success Support?

  • Students in Grade 9 who are considered “at risk” of losing credits each semester (special circumstances will be made available for those students in the upper grade levels, after discussions with the Student Success Team.).
  • Students whose credit accumulation fall short of ministry expectations in Grade 9 and 10.

How Are Supports Determined?

  •  Based on discussions with members of the Student Success Team.
  •  Based on discussions with classroom teachers.
  • Through a partnership with the student and their parents/guardians
  •  For in-coming Grade 9 students, through Exchange of Information Meetings with Grade 8 elementary schools.


What Services are Available for Students?

  • Support by the Student Success Teacher on a daily, weekly basis.successa.JPG
  • Coordinate strategies to support student, including assignment planning, time management and organization skills, attendance monitoring, self-advocacy skills, and short/long term goal setting
  • Creation of student profiles highlighting strengths, needs and interests
  • Partnership with classroom teachers 
  • Communication with parents/guardians regarding progress
  • For Grade 9 students, transition support including direct contact with the elementary schools 
  • Access to a Child/Youth Worker, for social, emotional and attendance support and concerns as the need arises
  • Partnership with Guidance Counsellors for each individual student
  • Pathway planning, based on the interests, skills, aptitudes of student
  • Credit Rescue planning – coordinating strategies with classroom teachers and students to recover missing assignments before final semester marks
  • Credit Recovery – for students who have, within the last two years, completed a Ministry course, but have received a failing grade.
  • Approval is provided through, and recommendations made by, the Credit Recovery Team, including the Student Success Teacher, Administration, Guidance Department, Educational Services Department and classroom teachers
  •  Students receive subject packages based on the curriculum expectations, units and concepts not successfully achieved in the regular course
  • Support is monitored through the Credit Recovery Teacher

Other Services Available

  • Breakfast Program It is believed that by having a nutritious breakfast each morning, students are better able to focus on their lessons.  Therefore, each morning, students can visit the lobby of the school to have a bowl of cereal with 2% milk.
  • Brown Bag Brigade – For those students who require it, there are brown bags available filled with a nutritious snack and juice box.  Students are to come to Room 211 or Room 235 to inquire.

For Further Information

  • Please contact the Student Success and Credit Recovery Teacher:
Jessica Skeath-Makxam
Jessica Skeath
416-393-5549, VM 3747