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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Athletics – Code of Conduct for Athletes and Coaches
Attendance at athletic events organized by the school, TDCAA, MCSAA, or other group, is a privilege extended to students and as such may be withdrawn for previous or ongoing behavioural problems that violate the Code of Conduct listed below.  The privilege of attendance may also be withdrawn if school staff or event officials have reasonable grounds to suspect that the safety of fellow students or staff may be compromised.
Participants shall:
              act in a responsible manner and honour commitments made to team mates and coaches;
              respect the rules of the game and the spirit of the rules;
              respect all coaches and the officials who referee and administer games, and accept their
                decisions with dignity and civility;
              respect opponents while demonstrating an appreciation of fair-minded, ethical play;
              maintain self control at all times and refrain from taunting members of the opposition
                or  spectators;
              not use foul or contemptuous language and gestures, or threatening and violent
                actions. Spectators who attend athletic events therefore shall:
•               carry and produce, if asked, a school photo ID card at all event sites both on and off
                campus where exhibition, league, playoff, or tournament games are scheduled;
              wear their full school uniform while attending games in the gymnasium at their home school or
                while  in attendance at a neighbouring school;
              only be allowed to attend games involving their own school - players may attend
                games  involving schools other than their own if permission is received from the host school;
•               remain seated in their designated area and not throw paper, refuse or other objects;
•               not use obscene or vulgar remarks, or any demonstration which disparages opponents or
                 their fans;  taunting or derogatory cheers are not acceptable;
              not engage in any form of physical confrontation with other spectators or players;
              stay off the playing surface at all times; and
              honour the code of respect for players, coaches and officials.
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