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School Letter
The purpose of the Bishop Alien school letter is to recognize and reward individual contributions to the school community.  It encourages students to become well-rounded members of the community.  The letter is inclusive in nature as it acknowledges student involvement in many different areas.  Students may work towards a Junior Letter or a Senior Letter.  Students and the staff recognize the letter as the ultimate achievement in the school community since it sets a high standard of student participation. 
The following guidelines are to be used by coaches and moderators to determine the number of points to be awarded to the student applicant:  
5 points:          Outstanding contribution.  Recognition beyond school community for work or achievement involving 50 or more hours of involvement.  Examples: Regional award, all star team, community leadership. 
4 points:          Excellent achievement.  Recognition in school among staff and peers for superior contribution in athletic or extra-curricular activity.  Examples: Team captain, excellent leadership. 
3 points:          Solid involvement in school activity.  An above average contribution to a team or activity.  Maximum value to be awarded for activities under 50 hours. 
2 points:          Average, regular contribution and commitment to activity. 
1 point:            Minimal commitment of time and effort to activity. 
Academic points will be awarded for each subject as follows: 
  • 50 - 65 %:  3 points
  • 66 - 80 %:  4 points
  • 80 % and over:  5 points