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Toronto Catholic District School Board

School Letter
The purpose of the Bishop Alien school letter is to recognize and reward individual contributions to the school community.  It encourages students to become well-rounded members of the community.  The letter is inclusive in nature as it acknowledges student involvement in many different areas.  Students may work towards a Junior Letter or a Senior Letter.  Students and the staff recognize the letter as the ultimate achievement in the school community since it sets a high standard of student participation. 
The following guidelines are to be used by coaches and moderators to determine the number of points to be awarded to the student applicant:  
5 points:          Outstanding contribution.  Recognition beyond school community for work or achievement involving 50 or more hours of involvement.  Examples: Regional award, all star team, community leadership. 
4 points:          Excellent achievement.  Recognition in school among staff and peers for superior contribution in athletic or extra-curricular activity.  Examples: Team captain, excellent leadership. 
3 points:          Solid involvement in school activity.  An above average contribution to a team or activity.  Maximum value to be awarded for activities under 50 hours. 
2 points:          Average, regular contribution and commitment to activity. 
1 point:            Minimal commitment of time and effort to activity. 
Academic points will be awarded for each subject as follows: 
  • 50 - 65 %:  3 points
  • 66 - 80 %:  4 points
  • 80 % and over:  5 points