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Toronto Catholic District School Board

FOBA (Friends of Bishop Allen)
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Dear Parents and Guardians,
The Friends of Bishop Allen is a non-profit organization. All monies raised by FOBA will be used to further its objectives. No part of the monies is to be given to members of the organization.

Bishop Allen Academy continues to provide our teenage students with strong academic excellence   Teachers, parents and students continue to provide leadership in after school activities. There continued pride to the many achievements that occur on a regular basis at the school and it takes hard work to make it all happen.
The Friends of Bishop Allen (FOBA) is working on behalf of all families of our school community to support our students receive the best education possible. FOBA is a register charitable organization raising money to support the school and it’s students. Tax receipts are issued for any money or goods that are donated, and all donations go directly to support Bishop Allen and the students.
There are a number of worthy charities and as individuals we chose who and how much to give from year to year.
As a registered charity you can ask the United Way to direct all or a portion of your United Way contributions to FOBA;

Please state the name, address and BN number.
FRIEND’S of BISHOP ALLEN - BN Number: 863190740RR0001
As a registered charity you can ask your company to match your FOBA donation if they have a matching grant program where you work.
All proceeds will be used to purchase items and materials deemed necessary by the school community, fund special initiatives and/or student scholarships all focused on enhancing the educational experience of the students of Bishop Allen Academy.  Funds raised will support things like, but not limited to, mobile computer laboratories, televisions and computer software to broadcast announcements in the foyer throughout the day, plaques for Wall of Distinction displays, framed photos for “BA In Action’ displays, students-painted murals, scholarships for post-secondary study subsidization of student participation in extra-curricular activities (subject to need) beautification projects, bringing in guest motivational speakers, etc.
FOBA, properly constituted shall be governed by this Constitution and by The following by-laws.

FOBA meets throughout the year, and welcomes the input of parents. Your input is important to us so please relay them to us through one of the venues below if you are unable to attend any of our scheduled meetings.
Thank you for your consideration.
The 2013-2014 CSAC Executive:
- CSAC Chair - Valerie Devine Devine            
- CSAC Vice Chair  - Maureen Gomes
- Secretary - Mary-Jo De Quintal
The 2013-2014 FOBA Executive:
  FOBA Chair - John Grassby
- FOBA Vice Chair  - Valerie Devine
- Treasurer – Anne Walsh
The voting members of CSAC:
Stephanie Mazzei
Joanna Bak
Karen Gierlach
Cathy Henry
Krystyna Dix
Ornella Jabbour
Mafalda Solomon
Susan Brenders
Samira Raouda
Deirdre Mackintosh