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Search and Seizure

TCDSB Policy

1. The TCDSB supports all staff in the maintenance of law, order, discipline and decorum in its schools and during school functions that take place off school property.

2. The TCDSB. therefore prohibits the possession on school property or at authorized school functions substances or objects that may threaten good order, discipline, decorum, and public safety. Such materials or objects may include, but are not restricted to:
a) alcoholic beverages;
b) illicit drugs;
c) stolen property;
d) weapons, either restricted or prohibited by law; and
e) any object which may be used as a weapon and which may cause serious injury.

3. Students and visitors to schools may on occasion have in their possession materials or objects (such as alcohol, illicit drugs, stolen goods and weapons). The Board therefore authorizes principals or their designates on the basis of reasonable grounds to believe that a student or visitor is in possession of a prohibited substance or object, and in accordance with the Regulations, to conduct searches and, where necessary, to seize prohibited substances or objects.