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Bishop Allen Girls Cross Country Team
win TDCAA Overall Title

Girls Cross Country team

On Friday at Centennial Park, the Bishop Allen girls won the TDCAA Overall Girls title for the second consecutive year:
Our midget girls won the Team Gold. Midget girl Katherine Switt won silver. Katherine, along with Abby Yim 6th, Emma Jewell 9th,  Madison Ferrer 20th, and Phaedra Stevens 21st qualify for OFSAA.
Our junior girls won the Team Gold. Junior girl Sophia Lucki won gold. BA was tied with Redmond for first place on 31 points. But thanks to Lucki winning gold and our 4th runner Jessica Smitiuch finishing two positions ahead of the Redmond 4th runner BISHOP ALLEN won the tie break and THE TEAM GOLD MEDAL. Carys Legate 4th, Grace Bogdani 9th, and Jamie Sirna 18th qualify for OFSAA.
Our senior girls won the Team Bronze. Sophie Sun qualifies for OFSAA in 8th. Sophie finished in 8th place and qualifies for OFSAA, while Alex Phelps finished in 14th place. Sarah Witte, Frannie Favot, Mackenzie Mann, and Kate Lamont ran their hearts out as well.
As a result of the incredible performance put forth by the girls, for the second consecutive year, THE BISHOP ALLEN GIRLS TEAM ARE THE OVERALL GIRLS TDCAA CROSS COUNTRY CHAMPIONS!


Students will compete at OFSAA on Saturday, November 3rd in Hamilton.