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Toronto Catholic District School Board

TCDSB Celebrates First Rooftop Solar Power Project at Bishop Allen Academy

The Toronto Catholic District School Board celebrated the inauguration of a rooftop solar project at Bishop Allen Academy in Etobicoke. This is the first such project to come online at the Board.

At Bishop Allen, with the initiation of the Solar PV project, teachers and students can use the SolarVu Energy Portal to track in real time how much energy is being generated, how much revenue is being earned and how much energy is being saved. They can also access information about solar energy, carbon footprint and energy measurement. I’m sure that this will serve to further enhance the curriculum and the learning opportunities that can take place in the classroom. 
“Students will learn in a very hands-on way about energy conservation, stewardship of resources, the financial implications of our actions, and the impact – both positive and negative – that our choices can make on the environment,” says Director of Education Bruce Rodrigues. 
The project, funded through grants from the Ministry of Education, will pay for itself in about 4-1/2 years through revenues flowing back to the board from the sale of surplus energy back to the Ontario Power Authority, and the cost savings realized by powering the school itself with solar energy. 
“We are very pleased that the Ministry of Education has provided funding to improve the overall energy efficiency of schools in this province,” says TCDSB Chair Ann Andrachuk. “Those funds have been used, not only for this project, but for energy audits for 50 of our schools, the installation of lighting controls, Building Automation Systems, high efficiency boilers and magnetic bearings chillers, new windows and roofs and a PV solar thermo system. All of these initiatives demonstrate the board’s commitment to the environment and the future of our children and our communities.” 
The system at Bishop Allen will generate enough power for at least 95 homes in Ontario and it will reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by approximately 256,635 pounds. 
The next solar project to come on line will be TCDSB’s Blessed Cardinal Newman, located in south Scarborough.
Associate Director Angelo Sangiorgio, Director of Education Bruce Rodrigues, TCDSB Chair Ann Andrachuk, Principal Adrian Della Morra and Superintendent Josie Nespolo throw the switch to turn on the solar panel.
Principal Della Morra adds a message to the solar panel.
Signing a solar panel as a memento of the project launch.
Director of Education leaves a message for students.