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The Christmas Festive Dinner at BAA, Monday December 10th, 2012 
The SCOPE club of BAA hosted 300 guests from the surrounding community for a Christmas dinner on Monday evening.  Guests came from as far as Eglinton and Keele to join us for the evening. This overwhelmingly successful event saw Santa Claus visit us and take photographs with probably 150 excited children sitting on his knees,(his knees must have really hurt after this!).  The band played with Mr. Perfecky conducting, after the band there were so many student musicians who volunteered their musical talents to entertain us all night.  SCOPE leaders and all the members (there are over 50): canvassed local businesses for food and gift donations---from Bruno’s Fine Foods three cooked turkeys to Franco’s Freshies providing all the table settings and cookies; to all the grocery stores around (Loblaws; No Frills; and Metro) to Shoppers Drug Mart and Starbucks they were able to host the event only through these successful donations.  SCOPE members and volunteers decorated the café, cooked the vegetables; conducted craft workshops with all the children; greeted and served the guests; and then, even cleaned up everything after all the guests had departed. 




Thank you to all the staff who volunteered, but especially to:
Ms. Wolk; Ms. Del Duca; Ms. Morassutti; Ms. Ciaravella; Ms. Von Bun; Mr. Walker; Mr. Otten;
Mr. Boudreau; Mr. McGilly; Ms. Paquette; Ms. De Sousa; Ms. Rinella; Mr. McIntyre; Ms. Pinto; Ms. Polyakova and the SCOPE leaders: Hannah; Joe; Tatiana; Dominique; Iryna; Tamara; Sean; and all the SCOPE members…and that ELF!
Our Christmas Basket Food Drive was a complete success! 
Bishop Allen students, teachers, support staff and administration collected a total of four hundred and fifty boxes along with almost eleven thousand dollars in gifts and gift cards.  The baskets will be delivered to thirty-nine families with the help of volunteers from Costi House, St. Leo's Church and The Macaulay Children's Centre.  Thanks you to everyone for celebrating the Christmas season by answering the call of the Gospel and sharing what we have with those who need it.