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Regional Arts Centre                               

 At BMTM's Reigional Arts Centre we are proud to nurture and BMTM_UPDATEDlogo.jpg
encourage students in developing an independence of mind and spirit. Both necessary for Canada's growing Arts and Culture economic sector. Our students are encouraged to explore their talents and aim for the highest academic achievement.


The BMTM's Reigional Arts Centre offers specialized programs in Dramatic Arts, Dance, Instrumental Music, New Media, Photography, Video Production, Sound Recording, Technical Theatre, Visual Arts and Vocal Music. Art students may choose to specialize in one program or explore a variety of arts courses. 


We are committed to the development of artistic skills and practice. The Arts   students follow a complete and balanced academic curriculum while engaging in a multitude of specialized courses. 

The Art Certificate Program

All students who enroll in BMTM's Reigional Arts Centre are enrolled in the Art Certificate Program. These students must complete a minimum of seven Arts credits and maintain an average of 70% or greater in these courses. Arts students participate in arts-focused Religion courses. These courses enhance the Religion requirements while emphasizing the role of the Arts in our Catholic tradition. Students are engaged in artistic practice, religious instruction and spiritual development. At graduation, Art Students will be celebrated for their dedication to their artistic practice and receive the Reigional Arts Centre Certificate. 


Application Due: October 26, 2018

Download the NEW Application:

BMTM Arts Application.pdfBMTM Arts Application.pdf

Download the BMTM Regional Arts Centre Brochure:


* Arts Application 

* Student Questionnaire 

* School Referral Form 

*Photocopy of Grade 8 Progress Report ​



        Attend the BMTM Regional Arts Centre Orientation Day!​​​​​​​


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