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Specialist High Skills Major

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SHSM is a specialized program which allows students to experience a range of customized, career-focused learning opportunities, while working towards their Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

Students who successfully complete the SHSM requirements will have a special Red Seal embossed on their Ontario Secondary School Diploma and will also receive an official SHSM Record documenting the SHSM credits earned.

SHSM Diploma SHSM Students What is SHSM?

These Ministry of Education approved programs allow students to focus on knowledge and skills, specialize their secondary school education in Arts and Culture, Business, Construction Technology and Transportation Technology, earn recognized industry certifications, and develop Essential Skills connected to their career destinations.

The SHSM program allows students to focus on a career path that matches their skills and interests, and to track for four distinct destinations: apprenticeship, college, university, and the workplace. Students earn an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) with the SHSM designation. A red seal on the diploma identifies the SHSM achievement. As well, the student receives an "SHSM Record" outlining the achievement of the five required components:

  • a bundle of ten grade 11 and 12 credits
  • industry-recognized certifications
  • experiental learning in the transportation field
  • "Reach Ahead" experiences connected with students' postsecondary pathways
  • development of Essential Skills and work habits (documented in the Ontario Skills Passport)

SHSM Deliverables Arts & Culture Business Construction Transportation
Bundle of Credits 2 Arts
2 Cooperative Education
1 Canadian World Studies or Business
1 English
4 Business
2 Cooperative Education
2 Math
1 English
4 Construction, Design or Science
2 Cooperative Education
2 Math
1 English
1 Business or Science
4 Transportation, Science or Computer Studies
2 Cooperative Education
1 English
1 Math
1 Business or Science
Sector Recognized Certifications Examples:
Standard First Aid, CPR, WHMIS, framing and matting, audition preparation
Standard First Aid, CPR, WHMIS, Customer Service, cash handling, negotiation training
Standard First Aid, CPR, WHMIS, Health and Safety, Working at Heights, land surveying basics, basic electrical safety
Standard First Aid, CPR, WHMIS, Health and Safety, Drive Clean, Pleasure Craft Operator
Experiential Learning Experiential learning and career exploration activities within the sector.
Reach Aheads Learning experiences connected with the student's postsecondary plans.
Sector Partnered Contextualized Component Opportunity for students to engage with a sector partner in a real-life workshop experience tailored to the sector (e.g. I.C.E, Mathematical Literacy or Coding).

Additional information can be found at SHSM | Ministry of Education.

Please watch the videos below for more info​rmation on the SHSM program at Bishop Marrocco!

SHSM Program Introduction

SHSM Arts & Culture

SHSM Business

SHSM Construction

SHSM Transportation