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About Us
How We Meet the Diverse Needs of Our Students

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Bishop Marrocco/Thomas Merton is a multicultural co-educational Catholic secondary school which provides challenging educational opportunities to all of our students. Throughout the educational process, our students are encouraged and challenged to grow intellectually, spiritually, emotionally and physically within the framework of a Catholic community.

With the leadership given by our namesakes, Bishop Francis Marrocco, whose involvement with social action and the well-being of families is an example to all of us, along with the deep spirituality of Thomas Merton, our community has two excellent models to emulate.
A full academic program is offered at the three levels of difficulty. In addition, a gifted program and a program for multiple exceptionality and developmentally delayed students are available.
The grade 9 program ensures a focus on students acquiring the skills and attitudes necessary for further academic success and to become life-long learners.
At the grade 9 level we run a one-to-one reading program which helps our incoming students who have reading and writing difficulties. Senior students are also given the opportunity to tutor the junior students. This valuable experience helps the senior students successfully gain access to education programs at the post-secondary level.
The Arts School @ Marrocco houses a comprehensive secondary school arts program.  The new arts focused curriculum was introduced by the Toronto Catholic District School Board in the fall of 2004

​​About The TCDSB

Welcome to Toronto’s Catholic SchoolsStudent playing violin

 At the Toronto Catholic District School Board, we teach more than the basics. Through a Christ-centered vision and

in partnership with parents, parishes and the community, we serve students from diverse cultural, linguistic and ethnic backgrounds in Canada’s largest and most dynamic city. TCDSB educates more than 90,000 students in 201 elementary and secondary schools and serves 474,876 Catholic school supporters.

Toronto’s Catholic schools follow the provincial curriculum as set out by the Ministry of Education, however the objectives of TCDSB schools are to enable students not only to reach their academic potential, but to develop spiritually and emotionally as well. TCDSB schools strive to be true faith communities, where programs reflect the teachings of the Catholic church, where prayer and reflection are an intrinsic part of each school day, and where students have opportunities to put their faith into action through their interactions with staff, their fellow students and the wider community.
Religious Education
The Religious Education Program enables students to develop a basic knowledge of their faith tradition, as well as attitudes  that encourage a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Chaplaincy teams in the secondary schools play a vital role in the development of a sense of Christian community and the celebration of faith through prayer groups, liturgies and prayer services, as well as through service to others through peer support groups, mission groups, special needs projects and community outreach to the elderly and disabled. 

Student code of conduct

The discipline in Catholic schools is designed to train both mind and character. Principals and teachers—in partnership with parents and parishes—set standards of behaviour for students to help them achieve self-discipline. All schools, with the assistance of their Catholic School Advisory councils, have created a student code of conduct which reflects TCDSB’s Safe Schools policies and the Province’s Code of Conduct.
All secondary school students are required to wear the uniform of the school that they attend. The uniform at each school has been developed in consultation with the school community. Although the policy on uniforms does not extend to elementary schools, there is a dress code in place in all TCDSB schools.