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School History And Tradition

About Marrocco MertonBishop Marrocco school building
Bishop Marrocco/Thomas Merton Catholic Secondary School began its history as two schools merged in September 1988. The Merton traditions of 35 years joined with the new school of Bishop Marrocco. Two hundred and fifty Marrocco students met 500 Merton students and 350 grade 9 Marrocco/Merton students who filled the building with bursting energy for starting something new, something amazing. This merger brought forth a school dedicated to Catholic principles and the spiritual, as well as the academic development of our students.


The lives of Marrocco & Merton both have given excellent examples for our school to follow. Bishop Marrocco created the Institute For Social Action and was also the chairperson of the Ecumenical Committee on Housing through which he brought assistance and support to a large number of immigrant families. We continue to welcome and support the new, and more established immigrants in our community. Our school has a rich multicultural population which contributes to our focus on justice for all. As a school we have taken on Marrocco’s spirit for social action as witnessed in our yearly social justice week. At the same time we look to Thomas Merton as an example of a man with a deep spiritual life. As a Trappist monk, prayer, silence and contemplation were his daily bread, but he also wrote extensively about his vision of world peace. He wrote of God’s love and love of neighbour while he attacked social prejudice and injustice. As a school we take up Merton’s challenge to discover what he calls our “true self” and to recognize our students’ precious dignity as human persons created in God’s image. He calls us to be people who bring Jesus’ peace, love and truth to those we meet each day.


As the history of our school evolves, the staff and students at Marrocco/Merton are committed to creating a Christian atmosphere, which encourages each of us to “act justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with God.”


At Bishop Marrocco Thomas Merton we invite students to become active participants in the process of Catholic Education. The students within our community are encouraged and challenged to grow intellectually and spiritually in a manner consistent with our Catholic heritage. We treat all students with “respect and dignity” and we appreciate their talents and gifts. Our students are taught that education consists of much more than the understanding of skills required in a particular vocation or profession; they also learn to apply their accumulated wisdom to problems in life. Our community is a safe and welcoming environment that takes pride in service to all students.