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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Graduate Bursaries
Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards for BMTM Graduates

1 ) York University

Portuguese Association at York University
Value is between $500.00 and $1500.00 for one recipient
Deadline is May 13, 2011
2 ) University of Toronto
University of Toronto Portuguese Association (UTPA)
Deadline is 4:00pm on April 29, 2011
3 ) Federation of Portuguese Canadian Business & Professional
Essay contest – intermediate (Gr 9/10) – 300 to 400 words
Essay contest – senior (Gr 11/12) – 400 to 500 words
Value is $500.00
Deadline is June 15, 2011
4 ) Grenada Association Scholarship

To assist youth from the Grenadian, Carriacouan and Petit Martinque communities who are pursuing educational goals at the university or college level
Value of $1000.00 given to a maximum of 4 recipients
Deadline is June 24, 2011
5 ) Association of Justices of the Peace of Ontario
To assist students who are pursuing post secondary studies in a legal discipline
Value is $500.00
6 ) Toronto Real Estate Board
To assist students with academic achievement, leadership qualities and community involvement
Value of $5000.00 scholarships awarded to two people annually
Criteria: There will be one winner from each of two essay topics
Deadline: April 15, 2011
7 ) Aird Scholarship

To help students with physical disabilities who are pursuing full time education at an Ontario postsecondary institution.
Value of $2500.00 given to two recipients
Deadline is April 29, 2011
8 ) Barbados Association Scholarship

To assist youth from Barbados who are pursuing a postsecondary education.
Deadline is April 18,2011

9 ) Lincoln M.Alexander Award

To youth who have demonstrated leadership in helping eliminate racial discrimination
Value is $5000.00 to three recipients
Deadline is 3:00pm pm May 31, 2011
10 ) Jean Lumb Foundation Award
To well rounded youth with a Chinese Heritage
Value is $1000.00 to four recipients
Deadline is May 23, 2011

11 ) Merit Bursary Awards

To help youth with pretty good marks and extra curricular activities and community involvement
Value of $500.00 for Grade 11 students
Value of $750.00 for Grade 12 students
Deadline is 3:00pm on April 8, 2011
12 ) The Kiwanis Club of Casa Loma

To help youth with an academic standing of 70% or higher and demonstrating service and leadership
Value of $1500.00 to one recipient
Deadline is to be announced soon

13 ) John C. Bird Music Award

To help youth who are pursuing music in a postsecondary institution in Canada
Value of $2000.00 for one recipient
Deadline is to be announced

A) Barry Diemert Music Bursary
B) Carmela Murdocca Literacy Bursary
C) Frank Meagher Bursary for deaf or hard of hearing students
D) Mario Gasparotto Visual Arts Bursary
E) Mary Jane McKeen Skilled Trades Bursary
F) Norman Forma Bursary for deaf or hard of hearing students
G) Sandra Montgomery Student Bursary
H) Tom Leon Student Bursary
Deadline for all Angel Foundation Bursaries: May 16, 2011. Applications must be submitted to Sara Camilleri at the Angel Foundation.