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Toronto Catholic District School Board

BMTM Students Celebrate Seniors' 100th


Students from Bishop Marrocco/Thomas Merton Catholic Secondary School’s intergenerational program were delighted to celebrate the 100th birthday of Floris Griffith at the Loyola Arrupe Centre for Seniors. The resident’s birthday is coming up on June 3rd.


According to Flora Venezia, BMTM Teacher, “Floris is a caring individual with a zest for life. Even at 100 years of age, no moss grows under this woman’s feet; she still walks to the bank with her walker! She is bright, talented and alert. She enjoys the company of her fellow residents and our students, when they come to visit. Everyone loves her stories and comradery. Everyday one spends with her is a celebration of life.“


“Not only is Floris’ life something to celebrate, it is also heartwarming to note that through these intergenerational programs people of all ages share their talents and resources and support one another through relationships that benefit both individual and the broader community. Young and old are seen as assets, not as a problem to be solved,” says Flora.
The program has united a lot of community partners. With generous donations from Loblaws, No Frills, Fiesta Farms and Cobs Bakery, the students hosted an Afternoon High Tea for the residents who reside at Rankin. At previous Teas the students demonstrated the mutual respect the students and seniors have for each other through sharing a meal, dance and most of all through laughter and joy.
Intergenerational programs are social vehicles that offer both younger and older generations the opportunity to interact and become engaged in issues concerning our communities and society.  The Intergenerational program at Bishop Marrocco/Thomas Merton CSS and Regional Art Centre began in the spring of spring 2014 and has connected dozens of high school students to the community of seniors at Loyola Arrupe Centre located within the Rankin Apartments, a Toronto Community Housing Corporation property.  This program purposefully converges diverse communities for mutually beneficial activities. Over the years students have helped build picnic benches for the facility, drama and dance students have performed for seniors, and the photography students have provide photo services for the residents.
Through Intergenerational programs people of all ages share their talents and resources to support one another through relationships that benefit both individuals and their broader community.  Young and old are viewed as assets not as problems to be solved. Through Intergenerational programs youth and seniors are less alienated while the community recognizes that can be contributing members of society.  Intergenerational connections can help both older and younger people feel cared and valued.
On hand for the celebration was TCDSB Chair Barbara Poplawski.


(Please select image below to watch a video of the celebration.) 



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