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Our group hopes to create a community or sisterhood amongst the students at our school. We gather together during lunch and after school to discuss female related issues. We organize workshops that will offer students real-world life skills. In meeting and learning together, we hope to foster healthy relationships between females and learn important skills that will support us in our life goals.


When we gather together we establish a safe space that promotes healthy relationships where we can learn and grow together. We work to build self-esteem and promote a healthy understanding of body image. Females face discrimination in society and the workplace; our hope is that through this group we will attain skills that will help us navigate this world in which we live.


We can achieve success by offering three different avenues for self-improvement. First, we will build friendships between students by encouraging discussions that promote understanding and empathy for one another. Females often have similar experiences and through sharing, we can bond together and support one another. Secondly, we will invite guest speakers who are influential female members of society. These speakers can be role-models for our young female students and show them how to be resilient. Lastly, we will offer a variety of workshops. These workshops will offer real-life experiences in areas of high interest such as: self-defense, cooking and nutrition, car maintenance, and interview skills.


We will see success through how students interact. We will be more caring and kind towards one another as we will have a better understanding of our life experiences. The friendships we make will improve our lives and make our school a happier and safer place. For many, this group will offer them a school family that will make them feel welcome. If we find friendships in the people at our school then it will be a happier place to be. This is the change we want to see.