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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Romero Students Practice Road Safety
During the Sweet Life Road Show


Students at Blessed Archbishop Romero Catholic Secondary School will soon participate in an interactive learning experience far beyond the rules of the road, and towards being proactive drivers. On October 17, the school will welcome The Sweet Life Road Show, a travelling road safety experience that raises awareness of good driving habits. Students will participate in a variety of interactive activities that incorporate computer gaming and peer theater, rotating through a series of stations that focus on the top causes of teen driver crashes. The Sweet Life Road Show is a hands-on learning experience that uses computer gaming, peer theatre, and fun activities to help youth understand how to deal with tricky driving situations including: how to deal with cell phones while driving and what to say when a friend is driving recklessly. It is an opportunity to help them discover how to avoid the mistakes that make driving the #1 cause of death and injury to Ontario teens.