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Beatification Of John Henry

Cardinal Newman

john henry cardinal newman

John Henry Cardinal Newman (1801-1890)


Blessed Cardinal Newman Catholic High School is named for the famous 19th century English convert to Catholicism, John Henry Cardinal Newman. An accomplished author and founder of what came to be known as the Oxford movement, Newman's efforts and example won many converts to the church.

The following is a short video on John Henry Cardinal Newman prepared by Mr. Nic Labriola.
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Beatification Mass, Birmingham, England, Sep 19, 2010
At a mass held at Birmingham's Cofton Park of Rednal, the Holy Father has declared that John Henry Cardinal Newman will "henceforth be invoked as Blessed." Despite inclement weather, tens of thousands of faithful attended to celebrate the life of Newman, revered for his intellectual contributions to Christianity.

Beatification Mass, Birmingham, England, Sep 19, 2010 

Beatification Mass for Blessed Cardinal Newman

Cool weather and sporadic sprinkles of rain were no obstacle to the pilgrims in attendance for the beatification of Cardinal John Henry Newman. Multi-colored ponchos and umbrellas peppered the vast 55,000 person crowd who cheered for the Pope upon his arrival and joined in with a massive choir to warm up the atmosphere. Beginning the rite, the Archbishop of Birmingham, Bernard Longley, made the official request of the Pope "that the Venerable John Henry Cardinal Newman be beatified."

"Acceding to the request" of the Archbishop of Birmingham, the bishops and faithful, Pope Benedict XVI declared that "venerable Servant of God John Henry, Cardinal, Newman priest of the Congregation of the Oratory, shall henceforth be invoked as Blessed and that his feast shall be celebrated every year of the ninth of October."
To view video reports of the Beatification of John Henry Cardinal Newman, click here.
To read the Homily of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI and view a video of the Ceremony, click here.

john henry cardinal newman poster 

Poster for Blessed Cardinal Newman Celebration Mass

Prayer Card for John Henry Cardinal Newman Celebration Mass

Prayer Card for Blessed Cardinal Newman Celebration Mass

Reflection on Blessed Cardinal Newman
Blessed Cardinal Newman, a man of deep and abiding faith, stood out in qualities of authenticity and honesty. They were evident in all aspects of his life, including his relationships with others, the choices he made and the values that shaped his life.

School Lobby with BCN Display
School Lobby with Blessed Cardinal Newman Display

Newman was a shy man, but with a huge heart – a heart able to relate to others and to form deep and close friendships. His personal motto cor ad cor loquitur (heart speaks to heart) indicates nothing superficial about Newman in his relationship to others. He valued people for who they were, without judgment or expectation. Although every inch an academic, it was from his heart that he would look at others and love them.

With his passion for seeking the truth, he was committed to the value of education. He was known for his confidence in the potential of young people and in the ability of students to ask the right questions concerning faith, life, and human relationships. As we are all created in the image of God, Newman also believed that we are created to search out and discover what really gives truth and meaning to our lives. Such was the value of education for Newman. He saw it as an excellent window to discovering the truth about God and of our own place in the world.

As a young man Newman struggled with many of the same questions we ask today - questions of love and relationship, what to believe, finding one’s direction in life. Passionate in his desire to understand the truth, he was not afraid to confront both questions and doubt within himself. This meant at the same time often challenging popular assumptions and certainties of the day which sometimes did not win him many friends! But such courage enabled him to grow in personal faith and with a much greater sense and knowledge of who he was and where he wanted to be.

Newman valued also the importance of one’s conscience in helping to know and understand the questions and difficulties of the heart. He believed that it was by listening to the inner voice of conscience, the voice of God within us, that we can become what God intends us to be: authentic, happy and people of integrity who in turn can influence, help and inspire others to be the same.

May Blessed Cardinal Newman pray for us and our school that we may grow in faith and always pursue with courage the truth in our hearts. May our school be a place of grace, a place where we may grow in knowledge, faith and love – a place where “heart speaks to heart”.
                                                            — By Chris Rae, BCN Religion Dept.

Blessed Cardinal Newman High School Celebration - September 22, 2010

Celebrations were held at Cardinal Newman High School on Wednesday, September 22, 2010 to commemorate the beatification of John Henry, Cardinal Newman. Two Masses were celebrated with Toronto Archbishop Thomas Collins in St. John's Chapel at Cardinal Newman High School.


Archbishop Thomas Collins 

Archbishop Thomas Collins,

Blessed Cardinal Newman Celebration Mass

St. John's Chapel at Cardinal Newman High School

St. John's Chapel, Cardinal Newman High School,

Blessed Cardinal Newman Celebration Mass

School Choir, Blessed Cardinal Newman Celebration Mass

Blessed Cardinal Newman Celebration Mass

Archbishop Thomas Collins

Archbishop Thomas Collins,

Blessed Cardinal Newman Celebration Mass


School Choir, Blessed Cardinal Newman Celebration Mass

archbishop and principal

​ Archbishop Thomas Collins with Joan Tschernow, Principal