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Gifted Program
Program Philosophy
The gifted program at Cardinal Newman prides itself in creating an environment that is conducive to academic, social and spiritual development. Students, teachers and parents work together in partnership to ensure that these standards are achieved and sustained.
  • To challenge intellectual abilities.
  • To develop independent learning skills.
  • To develop an appreciation for the learning process.
  • To stimulate new interests.
  • To develop and encourage leadership potential.
  • To nurture the development of self understanding.
  • To develop good work habits.
  • To enrich the student’s high school experience.
  • To develop an appreciation of the importance of community involvement.

Enrichment Options During The Academic Year

Advanced Placement Exams (AP)

Students study to write university level exams and earn
first year university credits.


Catholic Schools United Nations Assembly (CSUNA)

united nations assembly

CSUNA is a simulation of the United Nations. Delegates engage in debates and apply principles of negotiations with adversities and supporters.

Journey of Discovery
journey of discovery

The conference provides an opportunity for students with academic talent and leadership skills so conduct workshops for gifted elementary students at University of Toronto.
McMaster Engineering and Science Olympics
mcmaster engineering

This competition offers an innovative opportunity for students to apply engineering and scientific principles through competitions.

Destination Imagination (DI)
university of tennessee

DI is a global, youth-centered and creative problem solving competition. Competitors from elementary, secondary and university levels demonstrate their creative problem-solving skills at local and international tournaments.
Geography Challenge
geography challenge

This challenge is a national student competition for Grades 9 & 10 students. It is designed to encourage interest in
Geography and to highlight its importance in our school curriculum.
Queen’s University Enrichment Course
queens enrichment course

Students have the opportunity to study a subject of their choice at an advanced level. The combination of academics, residence life and extra-curricular activities attracts students from all over Canada and the U.S.A.
Mini-Med School at University of Toronto
Mini-med is made up of a series of classes designed for senior high school students and adults. The primary objective is to stimulate student curiosity in Biology and other health-related disciplines.
Peer Helping

Students develop a variety of leadership skills and apply them in tutoring and mentoring opportunities.
Ontario Science Centre School

Grade 12 students are able to earn university preparation science and math credits for a semester at the Ontario Science Centre.
Reason and Rhetoric- Public Speaking Competition
public speaking students 

This contest is designed for Grades 9 and 10 students. It allows students to develop their public speaking skills.
Summer School Options 

Shad Valley

Senior high school students work in teams to combine their knowledge and ideas in order to develop their business plan for an invention or innovation of their own making.
Deep River Science Academy

This program is held in Deep River, Ontario. Students work with scientists on research projects for six weeks.
Summer Mentorship at U of T

This program is designed for visible minority students.
Courses Abroad

While travelling through Europe, students can earn Ministry Approved credits.
Summer Experience Program

Students have opportunity to be employed at government ministries.
Differentation Of Curriculum
  • Reach For The Top
  • Science Competitions
  • The Canadian Mathematic Competitions
  • Gifted Conference at U of T
  • Exchange Programs
  • U of T Mentorship Program
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award
  • Encounters Canada
  • Short Story Essay and Poetry Contests
  • Scholarship Planning and Applications
  • Enrichment Classes

Student Comments About The Program

“The Gifted Program at Newman is one that allows me to be me. I can pick and choose programs that permit me to improve in areas I am passionate about.”
Kathleen Gatti, Grade 12

“The Gifted Program opened new worlds into which I could pursue the best of academic streams without compromising extra curricular activities.”
Randal Dezousa, Grade 11
“The Gifted Program at Newman is a great opportunity for motivated students to challenge themselves. It’s also a great way to meet new people and have lots of fun.”
Mariah Campbell, Grade 10
“The Gifted Program at Cardinal Newman is an excellent way to enrich your learning. There are many ways to help you challenge your mind. I strongly recommend this program, as it is a great way to pursue a great education.”
Chris Jagodits, Grade 9
Gifted News

March 18th - 23rd

National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) 34th Annual Convention in Orlando, Florida
Mr. Victor Hylton and 4 students from Cardinal Newman will be traveling to Florida to attend this conference. It is a tremendous opportunity for all those involved. Students will: participate in workshops on how to be successful in Math and Science; have hands on experience working with engineering projects and design competitions; see how engineering is applied to space exploration; develop leadership skills; and be exposed to the educational steps needed to become an engineer. They will also visit the Kennedy Space Centre and 3 major universities in the Orlando area.
For details on the conference, visit

March 29th

Ontario Destination Imagination Problem Solving Competition at St Basil College School (celebrating 25 years of the world’s largest creative problem solving competition).
Two teams from Cardinal Newman will participate. One team made up of Grade 9’s
and the other with Grade 12’s.

April 22nd - 23rd

Journey of Discovery at OISE,
University of Toronto
Three teams from our school will conduct 3 different sets of workshops on both days for elementary school gifted students. Our workshops will include: Global Issues - Toxic Waste; Situational Writing; and, Dry Ice and its Versatility – students will examine the properties of this compound and investigate its possible real world applications.
April (date TBA)

Reason and Rhetoric - Public Speaking Competition @ Bishop Allen Academy
Students from grades 9 - 12 will be entering this competition.
May 4th - 9th

Queen's University Enrichment Program
May 5th - 9th/12th - 16th

Advanced Placement (AP) Exams
Approximately 30 students have signed up to write exams in the following subject areas: English Language, French Language, Micro and Macro Economics, Psychology, Calculas, Biology and History.
For more information,
please contact:
Victor Hylton
Cardinal Newman
Gifted Coordinator
(416) 393-5519, Ext 6044