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                  Alumni 2015 to 2020


[Updated 9 January 2021]

Below, you will find the profiles of alumni who graduated from Newman between 2015 and the present day.

Alumni are listed in alpha order, by family name, in the table below as are their profiles.

​Alumnus ​Years at Newman
Christiana Augustin ​2011 - 2015

Christiana Agustin 2011 – 2015
Christiana Agustin attended Blessed Cardinal Newman from 2011 to 2015, where she participated in Cross Country, Camp Olympia, Student Council and was a peer helper and mentor. She is currently attending the University of Toronto, where she is a fourth-year international development studies co-op student working in Bangkok, Thailand.
If Agustin, who is also working towards a minor in environmental science, travels an hour out of the city she can explore national parks and islands full of lush trees, wildlife and see the occasional snake slithering by her.

Agustin is interning at  The Centre for People and Forests (RECOFTC), where she is blending her passions for social justice and environmental science. The international organization works to enhance capacities for stronger rights, improved governance and fairer benefits for local people in forest landscapes in seven Asia–Pacific countries through community forestry. 

Community forestry is an approach to land management that emphasizes land is best protected when locals have the right to manage it, as opposed to private companies or governments. Agustin’s work as a monitoring, evaluation and learning intern involves research and collecting data, but she says the goal is community forestry.  

The year-long internship will include the opportunity for her to conduct research toward her undergraduate thesis, which explores the participation of women in land governance in the Mekong region. She has her sights on Nepal or Laos as possible locations because of their rising women’s movements. 
Christiana Agustin 2011 – 2015.jpg

“I would like to identify the challenges they face, and possibly come up with solutions or tools to help them better navigate these spaces so they can make a greater impact in the sustainability of their communities and forest landscapes.”

Her advocacy ties back to her time in politics. Agustin worked as a constituency assistant for her MP Gary Anandasangaree (Scarborough-Rouge Park), then in the Prime Minister’s office in Ottawa this past summer. With a background in outreach, specifically with Filipino and Indigenous communities, she worked with the provincial and federal governments on how to ensure concerns of marginalized groups are considered in policy-making.
“As a person of colour, as a woman and as someone who is young, you don’t always have a voice and there are so many challenges and barriers that are completely out of my control,” she says. “I want to see at a more local level if women have those same barriers.”

Having worked in the local, national and now international spectrums, with help of the Global Learning Travel Fund and a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarship, Agustin encourages students to take a risk on stepping out of your comfort zone.
“It’s only in discomfort where you’ll grow,” she says. That in itself not only speaks to growing professionally but also as an individual and to broaden one’s perspectives on the world.

To see Christiana speaking about women leaders today, click on this link or copy/paste the url below.  


                                                     9 January 2021

Christiana graduated in 2020 from the University of Toronto, Scarborough campus, with a degree in International Development Studies and Natural Sciences and Environmental Management. She worked as an Outreach and Operations Assistant in the Office of the Prime Minister for the summers of 2018 and 2019.  She recently was a Special Projects Assistant at the International Student Centre at UTSC and is currently the Executive Assistant to the Managing Director and Outreach Advisor at the Liberal Research Bureau of U of T Scarborough.