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Angelito Junior Huang, 1995 - 2000

AJH bio pic.JPG

Angelito Junior Huang was a student at Blessed Cardinal Newman from 1995-2000.  He was the recipient of 

the Anthony Labriola Award for Excellence in the Arts for his graduating class in 2000 for his commitment and dedication to the arts as a student at Newman.  He was involved in the school’s theatre productions throughout 

his high school years, as an actor, singer, set designer and painter, programme designer, and costume hand.  

He was also very much involved in the school stage band, newspaper, choir, Peace Garden, and photography club.  He exhibited art works in the school’s Annual Arts Festival and performed in numerous Talent Shows.  

His theatrical foundations at Newman came to fruition and full circle when he directed his second year 

architecture class in the production of Bertolt Brecht’s “Mother Courage and Her Children” in the summer of 

2002 at the University of Waterloo.  Also, as an honour and privilege to give back to Newman for setting the foundations of Angelito’s design career, he volunteered to design the stage set for the school’s musical 

production of “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee” in 2011.

Angelito graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Architectural Studies (2005) and a Masters of Architecture 

(2013) from the University of Waterloo, School of Architecture, Cambridge, Ontario.  Throughout his 

architectural education and career he has worked at various offices in New York, London, and Toronto on 

various scales of projects, from university masterplans, to high-end residential and commercial buildings, to museum and cinema designs, and to smaller galleries and private residences.  His masters thesis was titled, 

“On Resurfacing: A Case for a Cultural Renaissance,” which investigated the role contemporary art and architecture play in the making of culture and identity in contemporary Manila, Philippines.  The investigation 

led to the proposal and design of a new cultural centre in the heart of the city of Manila, the Centre for Contemporary Arts.  This thesis proposal was presented at the Arts in Society conference in Liverpool, 

England in 2012 and is soon to be published in Espasyo, an architectural journal in the Philippines.  His architectural interest lies in the collaboration of arts and architecture in the making of place, strengthening of identity, and enrichment of culture.

He currently makes his home in New York City where he works as an Intern Architect in a small architectural 

firm and in the process of licensure.  He has also grown to be an avid traveler, and food, arts and culture enthusiast.


Donald D'Souza, 1997 - 2001


Donald D’Souza attended Cardinal Newman from 1997 until 2001.  He was a student in the Extended French programme and a dedicated member of Reach for the Top. Don is now a senior analyst and project manager 

with the Pembina Institute’s Corporate Engagement and Consulting group, focusing on assisting energy companies with environmental improvements and sustainability initiatives.

His previous experience as an engineering consultant included work with a wide variety of regulatory-based projects for the oil and gas and mining sectors, specializing in emissions inventory development, air dispersion modelling and ambient air quality monitoring. Don has also spent two years working in West Africa on 

sustainable agriculture issues with national and international development agencies.

He holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Chemical-Environmental Engineering from the University of Toronto, and is a registered professional engineer in Alberta.

For more information visit  Don D'Souza

Anne-Marie King, 1994 - 1998


Anne-Marie King was a student at Blessed Cardinal Newman from 1994 until 1998.  While at Newman she 

was involved in many sports, particularly basketball, and was one of the founding student members of One Community.  She has had a rich academic career which has led to many contributions in education.


Anne-Marie attended Humber College from 1999 until 2001, where she obtained her Diploma in Child and 

Youth Work.  This diploma laid the groundwork for her studies at York University for her Honours B.A. in Psychology and Education from 2001 until 2005.  In 2005 Anne-Marie began teaching at St. Theresa Shrine where she experienced many grades, including grades 1, 2, 5, 6, 7 and 8.  After that she taught at the Intermediate level at St. Albert.  In 2011 Anne-Marie made the move to high school where she teaches both Religion and Career Studies at jean Vanier.  She also found time to complete her Master’s in Education at the University of Toronto (OISE) in Sociology and Equity Studies in Education. 


Anne-Marie continues to enjoy coaching basketball and is involved in her church as well as many initiatives at Jean Vanier.  She has two children and will undoubtedly continue to contribute in her vocation as a Catholic educator.


Chris Murphy, 1985 - 1990


Chris Murphy was a student at Cardinal Newman from 1985 to 1990.  While at Newman he was a wrestling champion but there was little thought of him becoming a television meteorologist.  Chris began working at The Weather Network in August 1999 and all these years later, still loves coming to work everyday. "It's an honour   and privilege to do this everyday - talking to Canadians about something that affects us all, all the time."

An avid fisherman, recreational golfer and all around outdoor enthusiast, Chris' small-town charm often      surprises people to learn he was born and raised in Toronto. He is very proud to have visited 9 provinces:          "we live in the most beautiful country in the world" - and looks forward to visiting the Territories...preferably           in the summer!

Creatively combining 3 of his passions — history, weather and story telling — Chris has woven together five        short documentaries commemorating some of Canada's biggest weather events. Each one has aired on TWN.

From June 2011 to July 2012, Chris took a hiatus from on air work to become a producer for the late morning    and afternoon shows. "A real eye–opener...putting together a show is a lot of work, but richly rewarding". He is thankful for the opportunity to expand his skill set. Chris returned back to the airwaves July 23, 2012, doing what he does best — delivering a forecast with a side of humour and humility.

Chris is happily married and proposed to his beloved in Paris. They were married in Mexico and honeymooned    in New Orleans.  "I'm an extremely lucky and thankful man".


Follow Chris on Twitter


Ryan O'Callaghan, 2000 - 2003


Ryan O'Callaghan, who grew up in Toronto, is the middle child of Andrew and Teresa O'Callaghan. Raised in 

the small community of Guildwood Village, Ryan attended St. Ursula and was at Cardinal Newman High School from 2000 to 2003. He made his theatrical debut at Newman as the lead role in the high-school production of "Little Shop of Horrors" as Seymour Krelborn. His family supported his decision to attend Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario where he excelled in his passion, Dramatic Arts.

During his studies, Ryan took acting workshops at the Shaw Festival and the Prince Edward Island Acting Conservatory. After graduating Queens University with honours, O'Callaghan sought grad schools in New York City. With recommendations from his friends, colleagues and teachers, he was accepted to the two-year acting intensive program at The Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre.

After graduating the Playhouse, Ryan landed the lead role and attracted critical attention for his performance as the teenage sociopath, Eric Harris, in the controversial play, "The Columbine Project".
Ryan appeared in his first short film, Beautiful, in 2009. He continued acting in several short films including: Enamour (2010), The Aristofrogs (2010), Inconclusive (2011), Any Day Now (2011), I Love You (2011), The Soul Traveler (2012), True Work (2012), Appetite (2012), Little Kung Fu Dude (2012). During this time, Ryan began to write and produce his own material. After co-writing his first screenplay, Fickle (2013), Ryan developed a new appreciation for film-making. Shortly following Fickle, Ryan co-wrote, co-produced and starred in his second screenplay called, Placebo (2012). Placebo has become an Official Selection at Six Film Festivals: Calgary International Film Festival (CIFF), Soho Intl. Film Festival (SIFF), Garden State Film Festival (GSFF), WorldFest: Houston Intl. Film Festival, Scarborough Film Festival, and the Golden Egg Film Festival . Ryan also co-wrote, starred in and co-produced, Muddy Boots (2013), which had its World Premiere at The Soho International Film Festival.
Ryan Parts.jpg
Ryan is starring in, '79 Parts (2013 - pictured above), opposite Eric Roberts and Sandra Bernhard. Ryan also

stars in the upcoming horror thriller, Digger 3D (2013) opposite Frank Vincent and Vincent Pastore, and the upcoming romantic comedy, Sam (2013). He also co-starred in a new comedy TV Pilot called, Water With 

Lemon (2013) and starred in the feature film, Jan:1988 (2013). Ryan just had his first Broadway audition for

the show The Winsloe Boy.  He continues to work hard and pursue his dream every day.

Click to learn more about Ryan.


Tim Rose, 2001 - 2004


Tim Rose was a student at Blessed Cardinal Newman from 2001 until 2004. Tim was born with cerebral palsy spastic quadriplegia, and says he has been lucky enough to have lived his entire life with a physical disability. 
He graduated with a High Honours Degree from Carleton University in Ottawa, followed by a Masters of Law in Human Rights from the University of Nottingham in the UK.  He is a long time advocate for disability issues, and he has a wide range of experience fighting for the elimination of barriers.  He believes that everyone has a right   to live in a barrier-free country, and he says that he will not stop working until that goal is achieved.
In 2005, Tim and his mother Elizabeth jointly received the United Nations Online Volunteering Award. They successfully researched and identified donors of sports equipment, such as children’s soccer shoes, shorts and shirts, soccer balls, tennis rackets, basketballs etc. to be used by Zambian street children. Their host  organization, the Childcare and Adoption Society Zambia, runs two transit homes for homeless children, many     of them orphans due to HIV/AIDS, and endeavours to re-integrate them into families.

Tim is the Co-Founder of the Rose Centre for Young Adults with Disabilities. The Rose Centre For Young Adults With Disabilities was created by Tim and his fiancee Natalie Sanborn. They have encountered many barriers as young people navigating the world with a disability, including stigma, accessibility issues and questions about dating. They know that they are not the only people who face these types of struggles and so the Rose Centre
for Young Adults with Disabilities was born.

Their goal is to create an organization that supports and empowers all young people with disabilities to have everything they want from life, and that includes love and sex. They know that they are new at this but are hoping to learn they go and share in their journey with everyone.


Maria Sagan, 1999 - 2003

Maria Sagan was a student at Blessed Cardinal Newman from 1999-2003. She is a lawyer in Toronto at the law firm of McMillan, where she is an associate in the Financial Services group. Her practice focuses on all aspects   of commercial financing and asset acquisition transactions. She is developing expertise in asset-based lending, derivative and structured transactions, securitization, syndicated lending, and project financing.  
Maria is fluent in Polish and holds an Elementary I and II French Language Certificate from the Centre Linguistique de Jonquiere and an Elementary I Spanish Language Certificate from the Barlovento School of Spanish. Prior to law school Maria graduated summa cum laude from York University with a degree in
Psychology. She joined McMillan as a summer student in 2009 and completed her articles with McMillan in 2011.

Francis Manapul, 1994 - 1998

FrancisManapulByLuigiNovi1.jpg (Photo: LuigiNovi)

Francis attended Blessed Cardinal Newman from 1994 to 1998, where he greatly benefitted from Ms. Root’s 
expertise in visual arts classes.
   He is known for his work on Witchblade
and The Necromancer for Top Cow
working on the former for three years, off and on, returning for the tenth anniversary issue in 2005.
He has provided covers for various titles, most notably for some G.I Joe comics. In 2007, he signed an exclusive
contract to work with DC Comics.
In 2008 Francis became the artist for DC's Legion of Superheroes with Jim Shooter as the writer. Francis co-created the character Gazelle with Shooter before leaving the title. In 2009, he was named to be the artist in DC's new Flash series written by Geoff Johns.

In May 2011, DC Comics announced a massive revamp and relaunch of their entire superhero line, as part of this  Francis was named writer/artist on the Flash, with his longtime colorist/collaborator, Brian Buccellato co-writing with him.

Francis was awarded the Joe Shuster Award for Outstanding Artist in 2011. He also received the All-in-One  Award 2011 (Favorite artist known for almost-exclusively inking his/her own interior comic book pencil work and rarely the work of others in ’10) from the Inkwell Awards.


To learn more about his work, visit his website (



Victoria Altomare, 2005 - 2009

Victoria Altomare was a student at Blessed Cardinal Newman from 2005 to 2009.  She was the valedictorian at her                              graduation ceremony. During the past two years, Toronto native Victoria Altomare has emerged as one of the bright                              new lights on the beach volleyball scene, with a cluster of glowing achievements. These include gold medals in two                           National Championships, a first ever gold for a Canadian in the 18-under American National Championships, and an                     unprecedented silver medal with her partner Melissa Humana-Paredes at the 2011 FIVB Under 21 World Beach                              Volleyball Championships in Halifax, Nova Scotia (the first Canadian women ever to stand on the podium at a FIVB                              event), as well as a curio’s store of sportsmanship and outstanding athlete awards.

This past April, Victoria and Melissa Humana-Paredes mounted the podium again at the 2012 Ontario Sports Awards                        (Ontario Place), where they picked up the prestigious “Team of The Year” honours.


Although Victoria did not at this summer’s London Olympic Games, she hopes to represent Canada on the sand courts                           at the 2015 Pan American Games in Toronto and the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. And while it may be                                  premature to earmark her as a Canadian medal hopeful for a future Olympics, judging from her meteoric rise in the world                   volleyball ranks, and her ongoing passion and commitment to the sport, one gets the feeling that if all goes as planned                              she’ll be in the medal mix.

Victoria, who trains full-time at the national training center in Toronto, is refreshingly humble and clear-eyed about her achievements and her future. She admits that without the emotional and financial support of her parents, she couldn’t have pursued the sport. It follows that when asked to name her role models she quickly mentions her father, contractor Luigi Altomare, whose family hails from Cosenza, and her mother Cheridan, an Australian native. “They’ve worked so hard to give me this opportunity _and it’s slowly paying off. But let’s face it _ beach volleyball is kind of an elitist sport. I wouldn’t have gotten this far if they weren’t there every step of the way.”

A late bloomer as an athlete, Victoria describes a radical growth spurt in grade seven that gave her a distinct advantage over her peers in volleyball. After mastering the indoor game, she turned to the beach variation during summer holidays to keep her skills sharp, and liked the game’s freedom from politics and combustible team tensions. “It’s just you and your partner,” she concludes. “You can’t run, can’t hide. So you have to be motivated.”

Of course, she relishes performing for ardent crowds and traveling the world. At her first world championship in Turkey, she recalls “receiving not so much a culture shock as feeling awed by the pure spectacle.” But even with all her medals and a strong debut on the pro circuit, she’s realistic about a career in beach volleyball. “Except for the top 10 players, most volleyball pros live paycheck to paycheck. It’s not an easy life.”

As for her Italian/Australian heritage, Victoria equally embraces both sides of her family, and admits a few, perhaps predictable culture clashes. It seems Nonna Altomare and Grandma Cheridan compete a little as cooks - diplomatically, Victoria concedes that “stuffed eggplant,” is her favourite dish, full stop.

Heeding her parents’ counsel, Victoria isn’t about to put all her eggs in one basket. “Education is key,” she believes. And despite a grueling daily training regimen, she’s taking kinesiology and psychology courses at York University, with an eye on a possible career in child psychology or law enforcement. Already cultivating her rapport with children, she volunteers precious weekend time to the Pacman Volleyball Club in Mississauga, a developmental league run by educator Kelly Smith.

When asked what she thinks the future holds for her, Victoria offers a sage and level response. “You know, as cliché as it sounds, I’m taking it one day at a time."


Patrick Kriss, 1994 - 1999


Patrick Kriss attended Blessed Cardinal Newman from 1994-1999. While at Newman he was very involved in the Visual Arts programme with Ms. Root, but his culinary interests had seemingly not been awakened. Patrick discovered his love for culinary arts while attending George Brown’s apprenticeship program and working at the Rosedale Golf Club. He graduated from George Brown Chef School in 2006, then joined Auberge du Pommier in the role of Chef de Partie. Patrick moved to New York City and started working at Restaurant Daniel as Chef de Partie, and was soon promoted to Sous Chef under Chef Jean Francois Bruel. Over the years, Patrick has had fabulous work experiences: in France at Régis et Jacques Marcon and at Maison Troisgos; and in New York City at Per se, Le Bernardin, Gramercy Tavern and Eleven Madison Park. Recently Patrick headed the kitchen at Splendido as Chef de Cuisine where he applied all of his learned skills, talents and passions.


Patrick earned the distinction of being the first ever Canadian at the San Pellegrino “Almost Famous Chef” competition in California by winning the regional title in Montreal earlier in the year. It was a feat that Kriss attributes to "lots of hard work and early mornings at the Chef School with my coach, Chef Charlton Alvares, combined with learning from a number of different instructors at George Brown Collge with different styles."

Patrick is currently the chef at
Acadia at Clinton and College streets in Toronto where he is getting stellar reviews in Toronto Life, The Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star.  

Patrick’s food philosophy is to use great seasonal ingredients while highlighting them with classic techniques. Ontario’s changing seasons and great produce inspire him. His ultimate goal is to have an intimate restaurant with a tasting menu that reflects what’s available in the markets daily.



Krista Slade, 1983 - 1988​


Krista Slade is a graduate of Cardinal Newman High School which she attended from 1983 to 1988. .  She was our keynote speaker at Newman’s graduation several years ago.  Krista has been appointed Director of Advancement at Rhodes House, Oxford University, England with effect from 1 August.

As Director of Advancement, Krista will work closely with the Warden, Dr Donald Markwell, and the Executive Director of Development, Ms Holly Sargent, on alumni engagement and development efforts in support of the Rhodes Scholarships. Based in Oxford, she will also work closely with colleagues throughout the University of Oxford community.

A Canadian and a Masters graduate in history from the University of Toronto, who has also studied at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Krista Slade has made a distinguished career in development in Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, and Singapore.

For the last three years, she has been the inaugural Executive Director, Asia-Pacific, for the Council for Advancement & Support of Education (CASE). In this role, she has established the first Asia-Pacific office for CASE, based in Singapore, covering the wide region from Lebanon to Japan and China to New Zealand, and initiated many outstandingly successful activities to support educational institutions in alumni relations, communications, marketing, and fundraising.

Krista Slade served the University of Toronto in development roles for eleven years, including as Executive Director of its Hong Kong Foundation from 1994 to 2002, and then as Associate Director, International Advancement, based in Toronto, from 2003 to 2005.

From 2005 to 2007, she was Senior Strategic Advisor on Advancement to the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Melbourne, Australia.

The Warden of Rhodes House, Dr Markwell, said that he was delighted that a senior development professional of Krista Slade’s standing and accomplishment was joining the Rhodes community, working in the Development team led by Holly Sargent (former Senior Associate Dean for External Relations at Harvard’s Kennedy School), to encourage support to secure and improve the Rhodes Scholarships for the future.

‘I am deeply honoured to have this chance to contribute to the future of the remarkable life-changing opportunity that the Rhodes Scholarships represent’, Krista Slade said.


June Kang, 1984 - 1989​


June Kang attended Cardinal Newman High School from 1984 to 1989.  She graduated from the University of Western Ontario before returning to her the homeland of her parents to enter the Miss Korea pageant.  The rest is history.

Don't call her the former Miss Korea or wife of a famous movie star. Not that she would mind being called those things. Rather, June Elizabeth Kang looks and sounds quite comfortable being addressed as such, but spending five minutes talking with her makes you see her other side - an independent-thinking, change-oriented career woman who no longer needs her widely-known associations to get recognized. Kang is now the director of communications and development at Seoul Foreign School.

Of course, it all started with her meeting Choi Min-soo, a movie star known for his rebel- without-a-cause image and unique presence in movies, back in 1993. She was a 22-year-old college student aspiring to be a dentist who came to Korea to represent Canada in the Miss Korea pageant. Choi, now her husband, fell in love with her at first sight and spent three hours persuading her to get married. The two got hitched the following year, with a confession he made during the three-hour discourse perhaps playing a key role in moving her to give up her life in Canada and settle in her parents' nation, where she didn't have any friends. Choi's confession was that he had planned to live a bachelor's life - because of his father's four marriages and four breakups - before he met her.

091202_p04_Kang.jpgJune with her husband & two sons

Their love story may sound corny until you hear her compare it to the "white feather" from the novel and movie Forrest Gump. "It was a start," she said in an interview with the Korea Times. But that start may have turned out to be more like a "box of chocolates," another reference from the film, as it has led to unexpected boons.  A Korean cook book was one of the first gifts her husband gave her. She studied the recipes and prepared meals for him in their early days of marriage. She hasn't said how much her husband liked those meals. She had a maid come to the house twice a week but the rest of the household chores fell upon her.

Kang implied that this Cinderella-like role was pleasurable, saying, "I was a princess of my own back in Toronto." The very reason she decided to participate in the beauty pageant was because of the encouragement from her mom and professors to broaden her horizons by learning more about her parents' country.

In a way, those years of learning about her new environment also apparently prepared her well for her present position as the communication director of one of the best foreign schools in Korea. She has her whole heart in the task and appears to be ready to push for changes not just for her school but in the Korean school system. She thinks she knows how to strike a balance so as to bring about changes without upsetting the existing order. "I know that Korean schools can be more attentive to the needs of individual students," she said. In other words, helping athletic students excel in sports and academic students fulfill their potential is a mission of the schools, she believes. "Just because I was educated in the western school system and my two kids study at Seoul Foreign School, I don't think my contributions should be limited to my immediate community," she said.


She believes that she stands at a crossroads between the two systems, enjoying the benefit of seeing from both perspectives, which gives her the position of helping the two sides learn from each other. She said that she has already talked to some people who can influence Korea's education policies and is planning to continue to do so. Changes are already taking place in her school, observers say. They say that Kang is closely working with the new chief of the school and that change is their common theme. In addition, regional alumni reunions are being planned, with a gathering of all graduates in the pipeline. "Our school has produced a great number of graduates, but keeping them informed about their school ties gives them a sense of pride and camaraderie," she said.

Asked what plans she has in store, she said, "I do the best doing what I should, day by day." In a country where Lee Charm, a German-born naturalized Korean citizen, set a new precedent by being appointed to head the Korean Tourism Organization, it can't be ruled out that Kang may be one of the next candidates to help globalize Korea.


Ted Atherton, 1976 - 1981​


Multitalented actor Ted Atherton was born in 1962 in Winnipeg, Manitoba,. He attended Cardinal Newman High School from 1976 to 

1981 and the University of Toronto graduating with honors, attaining a Bachelor's Degree in English and Drama. He then completed a 

three-year Masters program at the globally respected Banff Centre in Calgary, Alberta.  Mr. Atherton worked as an English teacher 

before pursuing his acting career.


The role of Pan Philips in the Canadian movie and resulting CBC TV series "Nothing Too Good For A Cowboy" in 1998 proved a 

breakout event, gaining Mr. Atherton public notice.  In 2000, he was nominated for a prestigious Gemini Award for ''Best Lead in a Continuing Dramatic Role'' for that role.  He then gained a fan following for his characterization of acerbic F.B.I. Special Agent Myles

Leland III on the PAXtv series "Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye."


Equally versatile in comedy or drama, Mr. Atherton  has appeared in numerous movies including "Hollywoodland" and "XIII."  He appeared as famed CIA Director of Covert Ops Frank Wisner alongside such luminaries as Michael Keaton, Alfred Molina, and Chris O'Donnell in the TNT miniseries "The Company" in 2007.  As well as movies and television, he is noted for his stage work and voice acting.

Mr. Atherton is also a successful and talented writer.  In 1997, he won first place for his original work ''A Bowl of Rose Leaves'' in the ''One-Act Play'' category at the Theatre British Columbia's Annual Canadian National Playwriting Competition.  He also wrote the song the character Pan Phillips sings in the movie version of "Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy."  He plays both guitar and harmonica


Julian De Guzman, 1994 - 1997         


To learn more about Julian, visit his website (


Dr. Jesmen Mendoza, 1986 - 1991         


Ricky Tillo, 1995 - 2000

Listen to Ricky @


Nicole Katsuras, 1995 - 2000

Nicole has been represented by the
Moore Gallery in Toronto.

​Visit Nicole's website to find out more about her work.


Adam Hincks, 1996 - 2000



Watch Adam's First Vows in the Society of Jesus.​

Watch Adam speak about becoming a Jesuit.



For more info on Elisa and the BeMe Theatre, visit: 


Danny Raponi, 1990 - 1995

For more info on Danny, visit: 


Monika Marczyk, 2001 - 2010





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