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Toronto Catholic District School Board

School News 2008- 2009


Star Athlete of the Week (June 2nd, 2009)

heather playing soccer

Heather Brown, Toronto Star Athlete of the Week

Congratulations Heather on being named one of the Toronto Star Athletes of the Week! Heather is the Striker on our Girls' TDCAA Champion Soccer team. Heather scored 5 goals for the team on its road to the championship. Good luck this week at the Girls OFSAA Championship in Niagara Falls!




Clean Air Achievers (Thursday, May 21st, 2009)

poolParalympic Gold Medallist Awards Certificates to Cardinal Newman Catholic High School Students (Scarborough, Ontario)

Andrew Haley, former Canadian Paralympic gold medallist and World Champion visited Cardinal Newman Catholic High School to award certificates to students who participated in the national Clean Air Achievers Program (​) this past Thursday, May 21st.

As part of Earth Week, Andrew visited the Scarborough school last month, April 21st, to educate students about the impact of greenhouse gases, and the role students could play to help reduce pollution. He encouraged students to walk, bike, or rollerblade to do their part to help the environment, while also improving their physical health. Students were impressed with Andrew's personal experience: At the age of 6 he was told he had a 1 in 3 chance of surviving cancer and had to amputate his leg. Then after thinking he made it, at the age of 8 he developed cancer again which affected his lungs. Despite the struggle, he overcame adversity to become a world-class athlete in a sport that relies heavily on lung capacity: swimming! Some of his lifetime achievements include winning the Commonwealth Games Gold Medal in 1994 at Victoria, BC, as well as the Gold Medal for the relay swim in the XI Paralympic Games in Sydney, Australia, October 2000. He previously held a world record in 100m Butterfly, 200m Back, 200 Butterfly, 200IM, and 400 Free swim.

poolAndrew explains why he got involved as a Clean Air Champion, "When I am in the pool I want to make sure I get the cleanest air possible. I want to be able to swim as fast as I can and being able to do that without worry is important to me... When I was 8 years old I lost part of my left lung to cancer. Given my decreased lung capacity it is very important that I breathe the best possible air I can. I feel that educating the public is the only thing that can really help us all live healthier and happier lives."

When Andrew encouraged students from a grade 9 science class to participate in the program, he was skeptical about their response because they did not ask many questions after his presentation. However, after a month of tracking their trips, students did not disappoint him. Overall, out of the 26 students participating, 4 achieved Bronze, 10 Silver, and 5 Gold certificates. There was even one World Champion! Those who achieved bronze showed that about 15% of their transportation was active, and they reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 10%. Percentages in both areas increased for each level, with World Champion using 46% or higher active transportation, and achieving at least a 51% percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Shiann Harvey, the student who achieved World Champion status, shares, "I liked the fact that they're trying to help the environment. I shared Andrew's story with my family and they also decided to participate in the program."


canadian paralympic symbolThe grade 9 science teacher, Audrey Ferrer, highly encourages more schools to participate in the Clean Air Achievers Program, "This was a great opportunity for students to learn more about global warming and how they could make a difference as an individual, all the while improving their health!" Tricia Zakaria, who is the Clean Air Achievers Program Manager, sends an excellent resource package with lesson plans and activities, organizes a former Olympic medallist to visit the school and even donates pedometers as prizes! Please visit the website for more information, go to:
                                 clean air act
For more information on our Canadian Paralympic Athletes, go to
- By Ms. Audrey Ferrer   



The Arms of Jesus (January 2009)

The Arms of Jesus Childrens Mission

". . . and He took the children in His arms, put His hands on them and blessed them." Mark 10:16

Starting in the spring of 2008, Newman's French students began sorting and boxing old textbooks and learning materials to send to children in Haiti. This was done under the auspices of a wonderful charity called The Arms of Jesus, which is a children's mission helping throughout the world. The Arms of Jesus was introduced to Mme. O'Sullivan by Newman's own Mr. Hylton, whose parish works closely with the organization. In total, over 50 cartons of books, tapes and films were sent to the French speaking students of Haiti. As the photos indicate, the children were delighted to receive the donations! Un grand merci to Mr. Hylton for coordinating the effort and to Cardinal Newman's French students for cheerfully getting the job done!
For more information on this charity, visit:


Tim's Coffee Cup Christmas

Main Office Christmas

Our head secretary Yvonne Masik has managed to capture Christmas and Tim's with her creative Christmas door decoration. It hangs in the attendance office here at the school. Her Christmas decoration includes three Tim's coffee cups with ribbon and ivy - everyone wants to have one to hang in their homes during the Christmas Season.
For more information, visit:Tim's Coffee Cup Christmas

The Mask

The 7th Annual Human Robotics Competition – the Mask Event

For the past 3 months, Mr. Potts and his period 4 Design & Technology students have worked with students from seven of our elementary feeder schools. The Grade 8 classes visited Cardinal Newman and worked with our students in the Design & Tech Lab, where they assembled the electronic circuits required to control their masks. The Masks were then completed back at their home schools. The classes returned to compete in time trials here at Cardinal Newman during October and November in our Cafeteria.

On Wednesday, 3rd December over 500 students from 10 TCDSB elementary schools in eastern Toronto participated in the Mask event at the Ontario Science Centre. The Mask event is part of an effort by Cardinal Newman High School to keep Technology alive and well in our schools. For the second year Cardinal Newman was joined by a team from Neil McNeil High School, who mentored three elementary schools for the event.

                                      students with a mask

student doing an activityIn this activity, students work in pairs (one acts as the robot, the second as the controller) to maneuver through a maze in the shortest time possible. The 1st place prize was taken by a team from Our Lady of Fatima, 2nd place by a team from St Denis (their first year in the competition) and 3rd place was won by a team from Immaculate Heart of Mary. The Mask event is designed to develop skills in simple electronics and to provide an opportunity for students to decorate their mask - the results indicate that there is an abundance of artistic talent and imagination in our schools.
- By Mr. Potts & Mr. Tadman

 To watch CTV coverage of this event. Click Here


Cardboard Floats?!? (December 2nd, 2008)

students in gymSkills Canada - Cardboard Boat Challenge

Congratulations to Mr. Natale and his valiant team of Technological Design & Physics students that took part in the Skills Canada - Cardboard Boat Challenge held at the Bendale Swimming Pool on Dec. 2nd. While the team did not make it through to the finals, Newman did win the time trials with the fastest boats.

Special thanks to Ms. Janice Whitworth from Atlantic Packaging Products Ltd. and their Design Center for a donation of 20 large panels of Cardboard for the team to practice with.  - By Mr. Tadman

To watch a slideshow of this event. Click Here


Summer Seasoning (November 8th, 2008)

student cookingGrade 11 Hospitality & Tourism

Over the past few weeks, Mrs. Smith’s Grade 11 Hospitality & Tourism class has been working vigorously to perfect what would be our biggest project in this course (our Culminating Activity). The Culminating Activity involved preparing a meal for the staff at both lunches on Thursday November 27.

We were determined to impress the staff here at Cardinal Newman. It was very challenging bringing each student’s strengths and weaknesses together for a project that required hours of teamwork

and planning. But it was extremely worth it. It was also vital that all 15 students were there and that 100% was given by each person. In students eatingthe end, everyone pulled through. The day went by very smoothly and everyone did their part and more. This luncheon for the teachers turned out to be a success. The evidence was in our `Customer Comment Cards’. The staff enjoyed our service, presentation, courtesy and most important, our food. Our `Summer Seasoning’ theme consisted of light and summery appetizers, a selection of burgers and classics deserts with a few twists. This menu proved to be a hit.

We would like to thank Mrs. Fitzpatrick and Ms. DaSilva for their excellent assistance. We would especially like to thank Mrs. Smith, we could not have done it without her. - By Emma Pellerin



students at ceremonyNational Society of Black Engineers

"Newman Students Have Achieved Against All Odds "
Newman students have flexed their muscles again. In keeping with our tradition in winning at all odds, four of our students, Aaron and Ashton Trotman-Grant, Tsedey Asrat-Tola and Ryan Simmons-Giskin competed in the NSBE U of T contest Try-Math-Lon on October 31st and defeated their rivals to achieve first place. The team went on to compete at the Regional NSBE Try-Math-Lon on November 8th, in Parsippany, New Jersey. Our team again showed its skills against their highly competitive rivals and placed third.

These coveted awards are in honour of our school in general and our students writingmath department in particular. The whole Newman “family” join in to congratulate and celebrate the amazing achievements of these students.

The National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) with a membership of over 30,000 is one of the largest student-managed organizations in America. It consists of 233 chapters on college and university campuses in Canada and the United States. These chapters are divided into six geographic regions.



 NSBE goals are to:

♦ Stimulate and develop student interest in various engineering disciplines.
♦ Strive to increase the number of minority students studying engineering at both undergraduate and graduate levels.
♦ Encourage members to seek advanced degrees in engineering.
♦ Promote public awareness of engineering and the opportunities for blacks and other minorities in that profession.
- Mr. Victor Hylton

For more information on the NSBE,


Holocaust Education Week

Newman Honours Holocaust Education Week

It has been 60 years since the Holocaust. To survivors, the Holocaust remains real and ever-present, but for others, sixty years makes the Holocaust seem part of ancient history. Year-round we try to teach and inform others about the horrors of the Holocaust. We confront the questions of, what happened? How did it happen? How could it happen? Could it happen again? We attempt to fight against ignorance with education and against disbelief with proof.

Throughout the week, we listened to the stories of the survivors as our morning reflection and we transformed the Chapel into a

Holocaust memorial displaying our immense collection of books, piocture of children from the holocaust

CDs, DVDs, pictures, maps and other valuable resources from Yad Vashem. Also on display were our award-winning pencil drawings of the Holocaust done by Cardinal Newman students in the Student Services lobby.

We were honoured to hear from two Holocaust survivors on Tuesday, Mr. Jerry Kapelus and Mr. Leslie Meisels.

Mr. Kapelus was born in Lodz, Poland in 1929. In 1939, he and his parents and two siblings were driven from their home to the Lodz ghetto, where they spent four terrible years. In 1944, the family was

transferred to Auschwitz-Birkenau and all were murdered except for number on someones armMr. Kapelus. He became a slave labourer on a farm run by the SS and was able to survive by stealing food. In 1945, Mr. Kapelus was on a death march to the Buchenwald concentration camp. He was liberated by the U.S. army on April 11th, 1945 and along with many of the orphans from Buchenwald, he was sent to an orphanage in Paris. Mr. Kapelus moved to Canada in the early 1950s.

Mr. Meisels was born in 1927 in Nadudvar, Hungary, into an Orthodox Jewish family with a modern, assimilated lifestyle. His family consisted of his parents, two brothers and both sets of
grandparents. During the Holocaust, Mr. Meisels survived the pictures of holocaustghetto in Debrecen, the deportation to Strasshof near Vienna, a slave labour camp at Hollabrun and the eventual deportation to the Bergen Belsen concentration camp near Hanover, Germany. He was liberated on April 13th, 1945 by the 9th American army while traveling on the train heading towards the Theresienstadt concentration camp. His mother, father and both brothers survived. He came to Canada in 1967. He and his wife have two daughters and four grandchildren.
On Wednesday and Thursday we watched Paper Clips. This film is a moving and inspiring documentary that captures how a group of
students from a high school in Tennessee, responded to their students and teacherlessons on the Holocaust with a promise to honour every lost soul by collecting one paper clip for each individual exterminated by the Nazis. Despite the fact that they had been previously unaware of and unfamiliar with the Holocaust, their dedication was absolute.
The amazing result, a memorial railcar filled with 11 million paper clips (representing 6 million Jews and 5 million gypsies, homosexuals, religious and other victims of the Holocaust) which stands permanently in their schoolyard, is an unforgettable lesson of how a committed group of students and educators can change the world one classroom at a time.

 A presentation was also made on Wednesday to learn about the horrors of the concentration camps. Through pictures and video, we explored the inhumanity and cruelty that occurred in places including Auschwitz-Birkenau, Majdanek, Dachau, and Mauthausen

On Friday we had the opportunity to hear from three CHAT students who had participated in the March of the Living this past May. The March of the Living is an international, educational program that brings Jewish teens from all over the world, to Poland on Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Memorial Day, to march from Auschwitz to Birkenau, the largest concentration camp complex built during World War II, and then to Israel to observe Yom HaZikaron, Israel Memorial Day and Yom Ha’Atzmaut, Israel Independence Day.

The goal of the March of the Living is for these young people to learn the lessons of the Holocaust and to lead the Jewish people into the future vowing Never Again. A special thanks goes to Alana Bernick, Ariel Muskat-Brown and Sherri Rotstein for sharing their personal stories.

We concluded the week by celebrating Liturgy with Father Michael Traher from Scarboro Missions. As a community of faith, we prayed for all souls lost during the Holocaust and during all past and present conflicts around the world. Father Traher had recently returned from Israel and provided us with a wonderful insight into the Jewish perspective.
As we have been reminded this week, we have been given the duty to fight for the rights of Holocaust survivors and their future as well as the duty to fight against ignorance and bigotry. We are to remember and to never forget.
- Ms. Wicik
For more information on Holocaust Education Week,



SAC Spirit Week


students in costumes

Newman Catches the Halloween Spirit

Halloween Day brought an end to 3 great Newman Spirit Days run by our SAC!


To watch the Slideshow




students with sharelife signShareLife - Day of Service

From sunrise to sunset, numerous memories were made that would last us a lifetime. Smiles and laughter filled the Catholic Education Centre as students from all across Toronto joined together to participate in this year’s Day of Service.

Students were placed into different groups which were categorized by their “bus colour”. My blue bus was off to Cummerlodge Retirement Home in North York. There we met
new people, young and old, and we bonded with them as if we
Students with Sharelife signhad known them for a lifetime.
We engaged the residents with a games day with all the bells and whistles including mini golf, beanbag toss, hockey and many more activities. We all enjoyed our time there and took pictures to preserve the memories we had made.
All the buses, carrying approximately 200 students, arrived back at St. Joseph’s College school to share their experiences which included visiting places like L’Arche, the Mustard Seed, the Good Shepherd, and St. Francis’ Table.
After a quick dinner of pizza, we headed out by foot to St. Michael’s Cathedral for a Mass of thanksgiving with Father Michael Lehman to end a phenomenal day.
During our walk, a group of us came up with a motto: “A simple smile can warm the hearts of many” and we all believed in it because we had experienced it that day in our simple acts of service.
Leslie Oquendo, Grade 9 Student


Me To We

Students on SubwayNational "Me to We" Day, Ricoh Coliseum

On October 17th 2008, 11 Cardinal Newman students and 2 teachers attended the National “Me to We” day held at the Ricoh Coliseum. There were about 8,000 other student leaders representing over 600 different in attendance.

Our hosts for the day were Tanya Kim and Ben Mulroney (from E-Talk Daily). They introduced the founders of Free the Children, Craig and Mark Kielburger who both gave motivational speeches about “being the change that the world needs”. Their philosophy was that we all have the power to change the world.
Lets Change It
The day was filled with many celebrity guest appearances including Jessi Cruickshank; she spoke about her
experiences in India where she saw so many child workers and young women being treated as nothing and who did not have the same opportunities that every girl or woman should have in their life.


The cast of Degrassi also shared their experiences in South America where they helped building schools for the people who weren’t able to do so.

Through out the day we heard so many inspiring speeches from different celebrities and people but the one speech that touched

me the most, was the speech given by Actress/Activist Mia Farrow. She talked about the time that she was in Darfur and how at times she just had to run for life in order just to be safe from the rebels and government who trying to hurt the people for no reason, she also talked about meeting a women in Darfur who insisted that Mia spread the word of how the people are getting slaughtered there for no reason and that they need help. It was so inspiring and at the same time I wanted to help but I didn’t know how to.
By the end of the day Musician Sarah McLachlan sang her new Studentssong U Want Me 2 she sang it so beautifully that every one went silent during her whole performance because it was so touching.

Indeed the day did go out with a bang Craig and Mark kielburger gave their final speeches and everyone went home with a little more than the free gift bags they got , they went inspired to help out more and truly be the change.


Ashley Okoro, Grade 10 Student