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School News 2007- 2008


student with flowers
Skills Canada (May 25th - 28th, 2008)

Canadian Skills Competition 2008 - Calgary, Alberta
Congratulations to Kathleen Gatti for winning the Gold Medal in Calgary at the Skills Canada - Canadian Skills Competition in the Prepared Speech Competition. After winning the Ontario Competition in Kitchener, Kathleen went on to Calgary and continued her winning ways!

For more information on the Canadian Skills Competition, visit:
 Skills Ontario (May 12th - 14th,students of newman 2008)

Skills Canada - Ontario Competition - Kitchener, Ontario
Good Luck to Mariana Georghiou & Kathleen Gatti who is competing at the Skills Canada - Ontario Competition in Kitchener. Skills Canada - Ontario is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting the skilled trades and technologies as viable, first-choice career options for Ontario youth.
Mariana is competing in the Fashion Design contest. This contest will provide fashion design students with an opportunity to apply their technical skills and creativity in the development of a marketable garment for the fashion industry. The competitors are required to design, pattern draft, and construct a garment.
Kathleen is competing in the Prepared Speech competition. This contest allows competitors to demonstrate their ability to prepare and present clearly and effectively their thoughts relating to a theme established in advance by the technical committee. Speeches are to be 5 to 7 minutes in length. Competitors will be evaluated on content, ability to convey their message and overall delivery.
For more information on

the Skills Canada - Ontario program, visit:
Donna Muschett receiving the Eat Smart Award for the School Cafeteria
Eat Smart (April 10th, 2008)

Eat Smart! is a Provincial health program endorsed by both the Canadian Cancer Society (Ontario Division) and the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario. Eat Smart! awards restaurants, school and workplace cafeterias that offer a variety of healthy food choices, have the highest standards in food safety, and are 100% smoke-free.
The following is an e-mail sent by Nancy Elliot, the Public health Nurse to her supervisor.
"On Thursday April 10th, 2008 Keri (Marcoux) and I had a very successful Eat Smart! School Cafeteria Launch at Cardinal Newman Catholic Highschool. The event ran during the 2 lunch hour periods from 11 am to 1:30 pm in the school cafeteria. Keri and I saw and interacted with over 500 students during the event. We had the Eat Smart Banner, Eat Smart Wheel with prizes, the Rethink What You Drink display with pamphlets and the Eat Smart scratch card and prize draw. The draw was made by the school from the ballots the following morning by the school staff. Prizes for the draw included a Eat Smart T-shirt, 2 cook books and 3 locker mirrors. Smaller prizes of high lighters, pens, pencil cases and water bottles were given away at the Eat Smart Wheel for participants. The school also received $100 used for a vegetable tray, a fruit tray and several boxes of clementines given out during the event. The Eat Smart Award was presented to Donna Muschett the food service manager of the cafeteria during the event. The school had pictures taken throughout the event by school photographers and will send me pictures in future. Walter Rubino was instrumental in making the event a success and he acted as a DJ with microphone system and music from large speakers playing during the event. The cafeteria served wraps as their Eat Smart meal for the fantastic price of $2 and the students loved them lining up throughout both lunches and the break between lunches for their wraps. The school plans to keep the momentum for Eat Smart going by having frequent buyer deals for Eat Smart meals and using some of the remaining prizes from the launch day as future prizes and incentives. I would like to thank everyone who helped to make this event so successful."

— Nancy Elliott, R.N., B.Sc.N., Public Health Nurse
For more information on this program, visit:

NSBE (March 18th - 23rd, 2008)
National Society of Black Engineers
34th Annual Convention - Orlando, Florida

Mr. Victor Hylton and 4 students from Cardinal Newman will be traveling to Florida to attend this conference. It is a tremendous opportunity for all those involved. Students will: participate in workshops on how to be successful in Math and Science; have hands on experience working with engineering projects and design competitions; see how engineering is applied to space exploration;
develop leadership skills; and be exposed to the educational steps needed to become an engineer. They will also visit the Kennedy Space Centre and 3 major universities in the Orlando area.

students workshop
RONA Woodworking (January, 2008)

For the past few years, RONA has been coming in and running a Woodworking workshop for our Resource students. These workshops are run once a semester during exam week. RONA provides all the handtools and consumable materials required to complete the projects. This years projects included a birdhouse, jewelry box and a small tray. The school and all the staff & students involved would like to thank RONA (especially Steve & Rachel from the Comstock/Warden store) for providing this opportunity.
Student Comments:
I liked making the birdhouse when RONA came. I got to make a tray for my mom for Mother's Day. Steve was very friendly and helpful to all of us.
— Ryan M. Smith
I made a birdhouse. I feel so happy about it because I like it so much. I brought it home with me. I also made a tray for my Mom and a heart box.
— Devon Reece
I liked making the jewellry-box for my Mom for Valentine's Day. I also made a tray for my Mom for her birthday. Steve and Rachel brought all the hammers, goggles, nails and wood. I had a good time.
— Kayla Moura
One Community (Coming April, 2008)

This year's One Community celebration is starting to heat up! Cardinal Newman's beloved One Community events will take place the week of April 2, 2008. This year we envision a two day event, much like last year's celebration. One day will feature the dance show presentation, and our dancers have already started practicing! We hope to have at least 10 different cultural groups represented on stage. The second day will feature our food experience, where we turn our cafeteria into a feast of food celebrating fifteen cultures from around the world. The food fun will take place during both lunches, so bring some money and mark it on your calendar. We will be announcing a sign-up for any and all who wish to help out in the various food pavillions. So listen to announcements, and be prepared for the fiesta of your life on April 2nd! One Community rules!
By Ms. Ginny O'Sullivan
christmas band
Christmas Concert (December 10th - 11th, 2007)
This year the Cardinal Newman Christmas Concert had the opportunity to be filmed by the Rogers Cable - High School Rush program. This was one of the highlights for the year for the Arts Department. The students worked many long hours to perform this one night in front of family, staff and friends. It showed the many talents people have and it featured our school bands; the Concert Band, consisting of just instrumental music and the Stage Band, which is the schools rock band that consists more of percussion instruments, guitars and vocals. It was a great success: a concert, which is unforgettable. It was an opportunity for the students to express not only their Christmas spirit but their many talents as well.  Special thanks to the following students for their four year contribution to the show and we wish them the best of luck on their future endeavors: Elissa Williams, Heather Nicholson, Chantale Spencer, Brittany Buddani, Martin Jimenez and Sarah Melanson.
“Amazing…” says the Newman Knight Times
“….full of excitement, laughter and energy”, says Sarah Melanson
“A night to be remembered…” Marco Marrone
By Francesca Sipione
Click to see the Rogers Christmas Concert Video
student with a mask
The Mask (December 6th, 2007)

The 6th annual mask competition was hosted by Cardinal Newman High School on Thursday 6th December at the Ontario Science Centre. The competition at the Science involved 50 robotics teams from the nine schools and was the culminating activity in a program that started in October.
Over 500 students from ten Toronto Catholic elementary schools completed their electronics circuits and then competed in trials at Cardinal Newman during October and November. The elementary pupils were ably assisted in the construction of their masks by twenty Newman Technology and Design students.
The Procter and Gamble Great Hall at the OSC was brought to life on the day of the competition by the enthusiasm of the elementary pupils and their teachers. The colourful masks, the shouts of encouragement to teammates and the camaraderie of the more than 500 young people all contributed to a festive air and the Great Hall was the perfect setting for the event.
At the end of the day St Nicholas came in first however, the remaining nine schools, St Agatha, St Albert, Immaculate Heart of Mary, Our Lady of Fatima, St Boniface, St John, St Joseph, St Dunstan and St Joachim all had teams in the finals.
By Mr. Allen Potts
Click Here to see the CFTO News Video
jean vanier
Jean Vanier (October 25th, 2007)

To feel a sense of belonging is one of Jean Vanier’s principles in life. Fortunately, on the chilly fall day of October 25, 2007, a group of 7 Cardinal Newman students along with Miss Wicik were privileged enough to attend the Faith Meets Pedagogy event, in which Jean Vanier himself was the speaker. Olivia McCormack, Sandy Blackwood, Merofe Baladad, Camile Gaerlan, Natasha Vaz, Trisha Vaz and Mayzelle Parawan along with 1500 students from all over Southern Ontario gathered to listen to Jean Vanier’s truly motivating and moving message on love, belonging and care. The students were in no doubt, humbled and captivated by his thoughts. The event also consisted of performances by the Spirit Movers (an interpretative dance group), a skit re-enacting the “Good Samaritan” passage from the bible, and several video clips of the L’Arche communities worldwide. L’Arche is a community founded by Jean Vanier where people with disabilities are able to interact, mingle, celebrate and have fun not only with each other but also with the eager staff who work there as well.
The Cardinal Newman students were also ready to take charge as they were assigned the task to bless all the people in attendance of the event. With their “magic sprinklers” and water bowls, the enthusiastic group gladly fulfilled and performed their duty. Dressed in their Cardinal Newman Leadership sweaters, these Newmanites also had the chance to be split up in groups to discuss Jean Vanier’s message, do icebreakers, and share with each other, their school’s programs that aim to tackle issues of loneliness and depression and how to build inclusive communities. The group activities were not only entertaining but were also very informative. The Newman group was able to meet and make friends with students from as far as Owen Sound, Sarnia, London and Windsor. Although their returning homes are very different, all participating students took home one thing in common: Jean Vanier’s words of inspiration.
By Mayzelle Parawan
 students with me to we t-shirt
Me To We (October 19th, 2007)

On October 19 2007, about 15 Newman Leaders joined more than 7, 500 student leaders from 500 different schools for the first National Me to We Day. This event was organized by Free the Children, the world's largest network of children helping children.The day celebrated leadership, volunteerism and community service. As well as empowered, educated and equipped us with the tools to be global citizens and make a difference in the world. There was an incredible line up of social issues speakers and activists that included Craig and Mark Kielburger, Roméo Dallaire, Irshad Manji and many more. Along with music from rock band Hanson and 2007 Canadian Idol winner Brian Melo. It was the largest pep rally that one could ever imagine! We all walked away with a central message that we are not the leaders of tomorrow; we are the leaders of today.
By Natasha Vaz
ShareLife (October, 2007)

ShareLife’s Day of Service is a 12 hour long community service project where students from across the TCDSB give back to their communities. Students from across the board gather at St Joseph’s College for an orientation a week before the Day of Service. During the orientation students are placed in different groups where they meet new people or what people call “socializing”. In their groups they meet their facilitators and are pumped by doing cheers and dances.
On the Day of Service, the groups are sent to different placements where they volunteer their services. Some placements include helping out the elderly at a nursing home, making sandwiches for the homeless at the Mustard Seed, working at a soup kitchen at St. Francis’ Table and cleaning gardens at the Good Shepherd. After a long day of hard work and sweating, students are gathered again in St. Joseph’s College were they are provided with dinner. After dinner a pilgrimage walk takes place from St. Joseph’s to Nathan Philip Square where we have a peace prayer service with some quiet reflection time. The walk is then continued to St. Michael’s Cathedral where we celebrated mass with Father Edwin Gonsalves from the Office of Catholic Youth.   The Day of Service is a hardworking day filled with laughs, but most of all it is a fun day to meet new people and to give back to the community. Now, who says volunteering is not fun!
By Camile Gaerian