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​Scartrek 2018 - the Final Results!
Scartrek 2018.jpg

Here is a summary of the announcement read during the Thursday's Morning Announcements:

"....... And now for today’s ScarTrek totals – yesterday we brought in $1550 which brings our total to just over $19 000.  CONGRATULATIONS NEWMAN!!! 

We would like to acknowledge our top four classes who all brought in over $1000: in 4th place bringing in $1032.75 is Mr. Farrell’s class!  In 3rd place bringing in $1142.60 is Team Chen-Netto!  In 2nd place bringing in $1418.15 is Ms. Wicik’s class and in first place, bringing in an incredible $1503 is Ms. Ercoli’s class!!!!  Congratulations to everyone who participated in making this ScarTrek so successful! "

Half of the funds raised in the 2018 Scartrek will be donated to the Mary Ward Centre in Kolkata, India where the funds will be used to educate the children of the migrant labourers in the brickfields of Kolkata.