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Scartrek 2019

Donald Lindo has become a Newman institution - as well as his duties as Student Supervisor, he has become one of our senior basketball coaches. In this role he has mentored many of our boys, who are aspiring towards careers in basketball - but he hasn't limited his efforts to the sport - he has also coached the boys academically and served as an excellent role model for them. After watching the video below, it becomes apparent that Donald's commitment to community building is a trait inherited from his Mom.

Donald Lindo's Mom, Joan Pelican, runs a program for students in Jamaica, called Uniting Unattached Youth Thru Sports & Education.

The Newman community has agreed to support this excellent project for the Scartrek 2019 fund raiser. The goal is to raise $30 000, half of which will go towards the Jamaica project while the other half will be used to fund projects within the Newman community. As government funding fails to meet our community's growing needs, it has fallen on Scartrek to help out here we go.

The Scartrek collections will begin on Friday 6th September before the Scartrek walk which will be on Wednesday 2nd October. We hope that once again, the parents and Newman community will rise to the challenge and meet the 2019 Scartrek goal.

Below is a presentation on what Joan Pelican has now and a description of what she hopes to be able to develop with the assistance of the Newman Scartrek 2019.

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