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20th Annual TCDSB Gifted Elementary Debate Competition

The 20th Annual TCDSB Gifted Elementary Debate Competition was held on Friday, February 3 at Blessed Cardinal Newman High School. This year almost 500 people attended including students, teachers, parents, and high school volunteers. The prepared resolution was Be It Resolved That: The Olympics should be abolished while the impromptu resolution was Be It Resolved That: An image tells a better story than words.
18 Gifted Centers competed in this year’s competition. The Gifted Centers were: Blessed Trinity, Francis Libermann, Holy Name, James Culnan, Our Lady of Sorrows, St Bonaventure, St Catherine, St Charles, St Clement, St Conrad, St Francis of Assisi, St Ignatius of Loyola, St Louis, St Michael’s Choir School, St Monica, St Raymond, St Rose of Lima, and Transfiguration.
The students prepared well-researched constructive speeches to defend their stance and asked witty cross-examination questions.
The individual winners were:
Affirmative Debaters:
1st Raphaelle R (St Bonaventure Congregated Gifted Centre)
2ndf Molly K (St Bonaventure Congregated Gifted Centre)
2nd Endre G (Our Lady of Sorrows Gifted Centre)
Negative Debaters:
1st Sophia Lucki (Transfiguration Congregated Gifted Centre)
2nd Ray Carter (St Francis of Assisi Congregated Gifted Centre)
3rd Sabrina P (Holy Name Gifted Centre)
The winning teams were:
1st Transfiguration Congregated Gifted Centre: Stephen Bogle, Sophia Lucki, Ann Nguyen, and Shaye Yawlyak
2nd St Bonaventure Congregated Gifted Centre: Molly K, Raphaelle R, Jacqueline Sugianto, and Alexandra Wodz
3rd St Clement Gifted Centre: Noah Van Driel, Matthew Hawkin, Billy Hume, and Max Woychyshyn
Congratulations to all the winners on a job well done! Thank you to teachers who supported their students throughout this competition.
We would like to thank all the high school volunteers who acted as judges, time keepers, moderators and greeters. We would also like to give a heartfelt thanks to Blessed Cardinal Newman High School especially Laura Foca and Carmella Arangio for being such gracious and accommodating hosts! As well, we would like to thank Geralyn Manion, Teacher of the Gifted at Holy Name and Enrica Wong, Teacher of the Gifted at St Rose of Lima for organizing a tremendous 20th Annual TCDSB Gifted Elementary Debate Competition!!