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Table Tennis (posted April18th/2017)

2017 was the Newman table tennis team’s best year yet!  The Juniors started things off with some amazing performances.  Benson Corpuz dominated the Boys Singles event claiming the gold medal.  Catherine Chi won the Silver medal in Girls Singles.  Brainard Parrenas and Kalista Kyle stormed their way to the finals to win the gold medal.  The Juniors earned 8 points to win the Overall Junior TDCAA Championship.


Not to be outdone, the Seniors surpassed this achievement the next day.  Britta Zao performed well winning Silver in Girls Singles.  Isaac Townsend and Adam Vandanbroek fought hard to win Bronze in Boys Doubles.  Bianca Mancino and Samantha Haile finished fourth in Girls Doubles.  Daniel Eseo and Olivia Kavanaugh dominated the Mixed Doubles event winning Gold, while Justin Moleta and Annabelle Rodriguez took Bronze.  Finally, Leon Wei blasted his way into the finals, defeating all the top players to win the Gold medal in Boys Singles.  The Senior Boys finished with the Senior Boys championship award.  The strong performance of the Senior team, with 10.5 points, also helped Newman claim the Overall Senior Championship trophy and banner.


The combined efforts of the Junior and Senior team led to our fourth consecutive TDCAA Overall Table Tennis Championship.  Congratulations on our record-breaking season!!

~ Coaches Ercoli and Pajala

Benson Corpuz  - Gold Medal, Jr. Singles

Catherine Chi - Silver Medal, Jr. Singles

Kalista Kyle & Brainard Parrenas - Gold Medal, Jr. Mixed Doubles

Britta Zao  - Silver Medal, Sr. Singles

Adam Vandanbroek & Isaac Townsend - Bronze Medal, Sr. Doubles

Olivia Kavanaugh & Daniel Eseo - Gold Medal, Sr. Mixed Doubles

Annabelle Rodriguez & Justin Moleta - Bronze Medal, Sr. Mixed Doubles

Leon Wei  - Gold Medal, Sr. Singles