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Grade 11 World Religions Trip (Posted Dec 22nd/2016)
The grade eleven students this year were blessed with the opportunity to partake in a field trip to not one but three places of worship. The first stop on the trip was to a Hindu mandir. The mandir was decorated beautifully in a vast amount of bright colors and flowers. The students were able to see many Hindu god statues,shrines and even a breathtaking sand mandala displayed on the floor. A speaker from the mandir spoke to the students about what hinduism is all about as well as a few of the many stories that Hinduism has to offer about their Gods.
World Religion Trip 01.gif
World Religion Trip 02.gif

The second stop was at a Jewish synagogue. There, the students were able to sit in the very place where Jewish services are held. A speaker from the synagogue spoke to the students about the Jewish history and traditions and even allowed for the students to catch a glimpse up close and personal of the torah written on a massive scroll.
World Religion Trip 03a.gif
World Religion Trip 03.gif
The third and final stop was at a Buddhist temple. The temple was a breathtaking sight with its vast amount of buddha and bodhisattva statues displayed all over. The students were given a tour of the temple and given information about a number of important buddhist figures.
World Religion Trip 05.gif
World Religion Trip 06.gif
Most students are only able to talk about such places in class, these lucky students were able to see them first hand, they were even provided with additional information about the religions. Without a doubt, the trip was a truly memorable and insightful experience for the students.
~ Angelica Lozada (student from Ms. Chen-Netto's class)