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Admissions and Registration
New students are always welcome to our school community.
The Board makes every effort to accommodate students at the school of their choice. Placement will be offered based on the physical capacity of the school, local demand and program availability. Please be advised that living within a school boundary DOES NOT GUARANTEE PLACEMENT. When placement is not possible in the school requested, students will be offered a placement at the nearest TCDSB school with space and program availability. Transportation may be provided in accordance with our Transportation Policy and budget availability.
For general information about admissions and registration, including the new online application process, please visit the main board website.
For specific inquiries about our school, please call us any time.
We welcome all students at Blessed Sacrament!
Registration is ongoing for all grades throughout the year; please contact the school for more information or to make an appointment.
Kindergarten Registration
More information about the Toronto Catholic District School Board Kindergarten program can be found on the TCDSB website.

A Welcome to Kindergarten booklet is available.
At this time, Blessed Sacrament does not offer full-day kindergarten.
Extended Kindergarten Registration Evening
Parents and new students will be given an opportunity to visit the school and meet some of the staff, teachers and Parent Ambassadors; this extended registration hours will be an opportunity to have questions answered.
Appointments will also be available during the school day for those families who cannot make the evening.
Kindergarten Open House
Parents/caregivers and their children who will be starting Kindergarten in the Fall will be invited to attend an orientation session where they will be provided with resources and experiences that support early learning at home and promote a smooth transition to school.
At the orientation session, parents/caregivers and their pre-kindergarten children will engage in early learning play activities together and receive a bag of resources (including magnetic letters and numbers, books, crayons, glue, scissors, paper, pencil, play dough and more) to keep and use during the summer months.
The orientation sessions are delivered by school staff along with community partners such as the Toronto Public Library, local childcare centres, and Toronto Public Health.
Qualifications for enrollment
A child qualifies for enrollment at Blessed Sacrament School if the following conditions are met:
- the child is of age to attend an elementary school
- the child or one of his/her parents has been baptized in the Catholic faith
- the parents/guardians live within the Blessed Sacrament parish boundaries:

Blessed Sacrament parish boundaries 
North: Brooke Avenue, Old York Mills, York Mills Road
East: Bayview Avenue
South: Lytton Boulevard, Blythwood Road
West: Avenue Road
Documents required for enrollment
The following documents for your child will be required at time of registration:
1. Registration Form (this form will also be available at the school)
2. proof of residency in Toronto (i.e. utility bill)
3. proof of Canadian citizenship (Canadian birth certificate) or Landed Immigrant papers
4. Catholic baptismal certificate (proof of Catholicity)

FAQ for Kindergarten Registration
Who can register at TCDSB elementary school?
Catholic children and children of Catholic parents (at least one custodial parent must have proof of Catholicity).
Can I send photocopies of the documents?
Please provide original documents where possible to the school at the time of registration. School will make copies and return the originals to parents.
Is JK mandatory?
Although it is not mandatory, if a parent chooses not to send their child to junior kindergarten, they will still be placed in senior kindergarten the following September in order to keep children with their same aged peers.
On what day does my child start school?
School for SK students begins on the first day of school (the day after Labour Day). JK children begin school on a staggered entry to allow for adjustment to the formal class setting. Your child’s JK teacher will contact you to make arrangements for the first day of class for your child.
Do I get my choice of mornings or afternoons?
Parents can indicate their preference for morning or afternoon sessions and the Blessed Sacrament administration will try to accommodate these requests as far as possible.
Is there school bus transportation provided?
Blessed Sacrament offers bus transportation for students within the school boundaries. The TCDSB Transportation Department at 229-5313 can also confirm the availability of transportation. The TCDSB transportation policy is available on their website at
Extended French Registration
Blessed Sacrament is one of only 19 centres in the TCDSB to offer the Extended French program beginning in grade 5 up to grade 8. Students are taught in French for half the day and in English for the other half. Students are offered the opportunity to expand their cultural experience by becoming more fluent in one of Canada's official languages and by being able to participate adequately in conversation. It also offers many possibilities to students such as bilingual job opportunities, cultural exchanges and enjoyment as well as developing an independent approach to study.
Subjects taught in French include:
- French language arts
- Social studies (history and geography)
- Music
- Physical education/health
- Visual arts
Subjects taught in English include:
- Language arts
- Religious education
- Mathematics
- Science
- Family Life
If you would like more information, please download the Extended French brochure, call the TCDSB FSL Department at 416-222-8282, extension 2540, or call Blessed Sacrament School at 416-393-5226.
We welcome you to join our community!