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The health of our students is an important aspect of community life at Blessed Sacrament.
Here are some links, telephone numbers and snack/lunch information that may be useful to you:
Useful Health Links
  • Local children's after hours clinics: here are some children's after hours clinics that are close by -
    1. After Hours North Toronto Children's Clinic:
      2100 Finch Avenue West in Downsview, 416-665-8515
      M-F 6:30pm - 9pm
      Weekends/holidays 10am - 2pm
    2. Children's After Hours Clinic
      1100 Sheppard Avenue (at Leslie), Suite 100, 416-250-5000
      M-F 6pm - 9pm
      Weekends/holidays 10am - 2pm
    3. Family Practice After Hours Clinic
      3050 Lawrence Avenue East (at McCowan), 416-269-9266
      M-F 5pm - 8:30pm
      Weekends/holidays 9am - 6:30pm
    4. Centenary After Hours Clinic at the Rouge Valley Health Systems Centennary Site
      2867 Ellesmere (at Neilson), 416-281-8618
      hours vary (please call)
  • Health Care Options from the Ontario Ministry of Health: Information about walk-in and after hours clinics, Telehealth Ontario, Health Care Connect and the Community Care Access Centres.
    1. Medical Services Directory: a searchable database of walk-in and after hours clinics, urgent care centres and family health care providers (alternatives to emergency room visits); enter your postal code and you can find the horus and services available in your community
    2. Telehealth Ontario: free, confidential telephone service to get health advice or information from a Registered Nurse who can help you decide whether to care for yourself, make an appointment with your doctor, go to a clinic, contact a community service or go to a hospital emergency room. Call 1-866-797-0000.
    3. Health Care Connect: if you do not have a family doctor, register with Health Care Connect and you will be assigned a Care Connector to help you find family health care in your community. Call 1-800-445-1822.
    4. Community Care Access Centres: local organizations established by the government of Ontario to provide access to government-funded home and communtiy services and long-term care homes
  • Health Canada: obtain a copy of Canada's Food Guide as well as the Canada's Physical Activity Guide to Healthy Active Living from the Federal Health department.
  • Healthy Ontario: consumer health information and health services for Ontario.
  • Healthy Schools: The Ontario Ministry of Education is committed to making schools a healthier place for students to learn. Good food, daily physical activity and a healthy environment that supports learning and growth are vital to helping students reach their full potential.
  • Hospital for Sick Children Family Information Page: an online resource that contains links to health information, support groups and services available for parents and children.
  • KozyEpi: a Canadian company that creates handmade pouches for Epipens/Twinjects and puffers for those suffering from anaphylaxis and asthma.
  • Sabrina's Law on Anaphylactic protocol (from the TCDSB website)
  • Parachute Canada: an online resource about your child and seat belts
  • Trans Fat: Information about trans fats from the Ontario Ministry of Health.
  • Toronto Public Health Nurse: our liaison Public Health Nurse is Tina Meuhlethaler who can also be reached at 416-338-1320.
Useful Telephone Numbers
  • CarSeat Safety Clinics: 416-808-2222
  • Dental Emergency Services: 416-485-7121
  • Immunization Information Line: 416-392-1250
  • MediVisit DRs' Housecall Service: 416-631-3000
  • OHIP INFOline: 416-314-5518
  • Poison Information Line: 416-813-5900
  • Product Safety Office (Health Canada): 416-973-4705
  • Telehealth Ontario: 1-866-797-0000
  • Toronto Public Health: 416-338-7600
Trans Fat Policy from the Ministry of Education
Effective September 18, 2008, the Ontario Ministry of Health announced Bill 8, Healthy Food for Healthy Schools Act, 2008. This bill includes a prohibition on trans fat content in food and beverages (or ingredients used in their preparation) sold in a school must meet the prescribed amounts of trans fat:
  • the trans fat content in vegetable oil and soft, spreadable margarine must not exceed 2% for the total fat content
  • for all other food, beverages and ingredients, the trans fat content must not exceed 5% of the total fat content

The trans fat limits apply to all food and beverages sold in elementary and secondary schools for school purposes but do not apply to food that students bring from home.
The regulation states that a school principal may designate up to 10 school-wide special event days per year when food and beverages sold in the school would be exempt from the trans fat prohibition.

This is part of the overall plan to develop healthier schools (research has shown that a healthy school environment enhances learning and success in school and provides academic, social, emotional and physical benefits.
The lunch program from Pizza Pizza and Quiznos meet the regulation requirements.

Peanut-free Snack Ideas
Please note that all bulk foods, Nutella, mini size cookies, sandwich Ritz and M and M's products are unsafe.
Fruits (Apples, bananas, grapes, kiwi, mango, melons, oranges, pears, strawberries) and canned fruit
Fruit dips (chocolate pudding, vanilla pudding, yogurt)
Fruit sauces (apple, etc.), individual yogurts and puddings
Fruit leather (roll-ups)
Vegetables (Broccoli, carrots, celery, cucumber, green or red peppers, zucchini)
Vegetable dips (bean dip, cream cheese, guacamole, hummus, sour cream, tomato salsa, tzatziki)

Bear Paws
Cheese Dip-its
Cheeto's Cheesies
Christie's Animal Crackers
Christie's Chips Ahoy Chocolate Chip
Christie's Dinosaur cookies
Christie's Fudgee-o's
Christie's Oreos (regular, not mini)
Christie's Pretzels
Christie's Scooby-do's crackers
Frito Lays and Hostess Plain/Ruffled Chips
Frito Lays Cheesies
Hot Rod Pepperoni Sticks
Kellogg's Milkcrunch bars (plain or chocolate)
Kellogg's Pop tarts
Kellogg's Rice Krispies Squares (plain)
Nutragrain Bars (plain fruit flavours)
Pita Pockets
Pringle's Potato Chips
Smart Food
Sun Ripe Fruit Leathers
Teddy Grahams
Christie Crispers
Premium Saltines
Rice Cakes
Ritz (original; sandwich Ritz are unsafe)
Vegetable Thins
Cheerios (regular)
Corn Bran
Corn Flakes
Corn Pops
Fruit Loops
Raisin Bran
Rice Krispies
Lunch Ideas
Eggs (hard boiled)
Cheese and crackers
Pasta dishes (home-made or beefaroni cans)
Salads (coleslaw, macaroni salad, 3-bean salad, carrot salad, etc)
Pizza buns, mini pizzas or baked cheese sticks
Soups (home-made or alphabet, chicken noodle, cream of celery, tomato)
Sandwichs (filled with egg salad, tuna, ham, chicken, meatballs, hummus, sliced meats, tomato using pita bread, soft flour tortillas, buns, crackers, melba toast, sub buns, rye, pumpernickel, or whole grain bread).