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Blessed Sacrament School strives to create a community where a sense of belonging, of ownership and of caring for one another prevails. A safe and harmonious working environment in which the needs and well-being of every individual is paramount must characterize such a community.
The belief that each person has great dignity and is deserving of the highest respect is central to the school's values. Together with parents, the school shares the mission of helping each student grow toward self-discipline so that a stimulating and positive learning environment can be provided.
There are a number of students in the school who are allergic to a variety of substances; some students require an epi-pen to be kept on site in the event that they are exposed to and reacte strongly to an allergen. Some allergic reactions can be activated by ingestion and/or contact.
Here are some of the substances that may cause a reaction in our students and ask that families be careful in what they send into the school either through school lunches, snacks or treats for the classroom:
- any kind of nuts including peanuts, walnuts, poppy seeds, almonds, etc..
- seafood (including fish, crustaceans and shellfish)
- soy protein
- wheat, oats, barley
- milk (dairy products)
- eggs

If a student inadvertently brings on of these products into the school in their lunch, they will be asked to eat in a separate area and to wash thoroughly after eating. The space that they were eating in will be wiped down with disinfectant.
If it is brought in a snack form, the child will be asked to forgo their snack and take it home with them at the end of the day.
Families are asked to take the above into account when bringing treats into the classroom.
Here are some links for more information:

Discipline Policy - School Code of Conduct
The Blessed Sacrament school community believes that all children have the right to a safe environment where they can learn. No student has the right to choose behaviour that infringes upon the rights of others. Any behavior which disrupts the teaching-learning process in the classroom, or which demonstrates disrespect for self, others, property or authority will be dealth with by the teaching staff and the administration in order to ensure the well-being and security of everyone in the school.
As Catholic educators, we recognize the primary role of parents as the first and best teachers of their children. We also recognize the partnership that needs to exist among home, school and parish if students are to benefit fully from their Catholic education.
- Treat and speak to others with care, respect and kindness
- Everyone's body belongs to him/her; they determine the boundaries
- Follow instructions the first time given

Staff members will handle minor offences "on the spot." Students will know what was poor judgement on their part and what is expected from them
Major offences are those behaviours that threaten the orderly function of the school or are threatening to the well-being of others and include open defiance of authority, physical or mental abuse of others and/or continuous disruptive behaviour.
A formal process mandated by the Ministry of Education's "Safe Schools Act" will be used to handle all major offences. A plan of action will be decided upon, discussed by all parties concerned and acted upon. The consequences for major offences will be decided up on for each individual case.

Appropriate Dress Code
An Appropriate Dress Code is now implemented at Blessed Sacrament; all students (JK to grade 8) will be expected to attend school dressed in navy blue bottoms and white or navy tops. Parents may purchase the clothing from R.J. McCarthy's Uniforms or from any retailer of their choice.
A Question and Answer pamphlet published by the TCDSB for parents is available.
Visit the Blessed Sacrament Appropriate Code page for more information.

Fire/Lock Down Drills
Fire Drills are held on a regular basis to ensure that the school can be evacuated in an orderly panic-free manner in case of an emergency. Indoor Shoes is mandatory because fire drills are unannounced and every person must leave the building when the fire alarm sounds.
Lock down drills will be held to ensure proper emergency response in the event that we need to keep our students safe indoors.

We do not have facilities to accommodate children who are ill. Whenever a child becomes ill at school, we will contact a parent/guardian to request that someone pick him/her up. We ask the parents/guardians inform the school of any change in contact information as soon as possible. We also require an emergency contact number in case no one is available at home.

If your child is going to be absent or late, please call the school and leave a Voice Message at 416-393-5226 at any time 24/7. The messages are picked up by the secretaries and greatly assist our Safe Arrivals Program.

Lunch Hour Policy
Blessed Sacrament School does not provide cafeteria facilities or lunchroom for elementary school students; children eat in their classrooms. We encourage all students to bring a nutritional peanut-free snack and lunch in litter-less containers.
Students within a reasonable walking distance should go home for lunch. Those staying for lunch must remain on school property and adhere to specific regulations. The authority of the teachers and lunch hour supervisor must be respected at all times.
Parents may opt to have their Junior/Intermediate child(ren) eat at home on selected days of the week (students will have to sign out at the office and sign in when they return).
Students at any grade level may be signed out at the office by their parents through the office for an outing during the lunch hour (please note that blanket permission for combinations of days for the full year are not accepted). Parents of primary children should send notes/letters to the classroom teachers letting them know of alternate lunch plans/pickups.
Only grade 8 students are eligible to leave school property on Fridays only for lunch. They will need a parental note and will have to sign out indicating their lunch destinations on the Fridays they choose to participate (this provides a “perk” for our oldest students and acknowledges their ability to demonstrate their individual acceptance of responsibility re: off site excursions). If a student brings his/her lunch, they are expected to eat their lunch at school, as it is not fair to the paying customers and vendors of the restaurants in our neighbourhood. Students who leave at lunchtime are expected to behave in a positive manner and abide by the contract signed. Any student who misbehaves will lose their lunchtime privileges to leave school property.

Parking, Passenger and Bus Zones
School Parking Lot: for staff use only. A limited number of parent passes can be obtained from CSAC and will allow 15 minutes parking at the Metro parking lot. Please park and walk your child to and from your car or kiss n' ride.
Bus Drop off zone in front of the school: for large and mini busses that transport students to and from school and school activities. It is important that these vehicles move freely in and out of this zone as they are on tight schedules. It is never appropriate to leave your car parked in this zone.

Personal Property
Families are requested to see that their children's clothes, boots, gloves, scarves, running shoes, lunch kits, etc. are marked with the child's name; many children have identical or similar clothing that can get misplaced. Please check the Lost and Found box in the basement on a regular basis to reclaim lost items. Twice a year (at Christmas and at the end of the year), the items in the Lost and Found box are collected and sent to charitable organizations.
Walkmans, iPods, MP3 players, video games, cell phones and other electronic toys are not permitted in the school.
All students are expected to walk and lock their bicycles when on school property. Rollerblades must be removed before entering the school grounds and exchanged for street shoes. Skateboards, roller shoes and scooters are not permitted on school property.
The school does not assume responsibility for lost or stolen items.

All students are required to go outside during recess. In the event of severe weather conditions, school personnel will decide to keep the students indoors. Please ensure that your child is always dressed appropriately for the weather conditions.

Security cameras are now in place. All visitors to the school must report to the office upon entering the school to sign in, state their business and pick up a visitor's badge which they must wear while in the school. Visitors will sign out and return their badges at the end of their visit. The doors to the school will remain locked during instructional time and visitors must enter and exit the school through the main school entrance.

School Bus Policy
School Bus Safety - the TCDSB in conjunction with the Toronto District School Board are highlighting the importance of school bus safety. Some important points to remember:
  1. Parents are responsible for their children's safety before they board their school bus, and after they are dropped off in the afternoon.
  2. While on the bus, students are responsible to the school principal for their conduct. Transportation privileges may be revoked if a student's behavior creates problems (the length of the suspension varying with the severity of the incident).
  3. Parents are responsible for transporting their children to and from school in cases of inclement weather or mechanical difficulty.
  4. If transportation arrangements for your child need to be changed, the Board requires 7 days notice.
  5. Motorists meeting a school bus with red lights must stop unless on a highway divided my a median strip.
  6. Motorists overtaking a stopped school bus must stop at least 20 meters before reaching the bus. Motorist may proceed only after the bus resumes motion or the lights have ceased flashing. The law applies everywhere regardless of the post speed limit.
  7. Students are to be at the pickup point on time; drivers cannot wait for latecomers. Wait in a single file well away from the roadway until the driver stops the bus, then board the bus in orderly fashion.
  8. The driver is in charge of the bus and must be obeyed at all times. School patrols should be accorded the same respect.
  9. Students are to sit where the drivers tell them and remain seated for the duration of the trip.
  10. Students are expected to be quiet and behave sensibly. Horseplay, fighting, eating, smoking, and foul language are forbidden.
  11. Keep your belongings on your lap or under the seat; aisle must be left clear.
  12. Windows are not to be opened without the driver's consent; students must never lean out the windows or never throw anything inside the bus or out the windows.
  13. Respect the bus equipment. Students will be held responsible for any damages to the vehicle.
  14. Your may leave the bus only at regular stops.
  15. Never cross the road behind a school bus. Cross in front of the bus where the driver can see you.
By working together we can help keep our children safe!

School Services
Special Education Class: Blessed Sacrament has a special education class that offers support to students requiring extra assistance with their academic program and development of English speaking skills.
Resource Team: Blessed Sacrament has the services of a number of specialists that are available to give advice and problem-solve on a regular basis. These include a Speech/Language Pathologist, an Assessment and Programming Teacher, an Educational Psychologist, a Social Worker and a Guidance Councilor.

Student Drop off
Traffic Safety Plan: the School Safety Committee has developed a plan that indicates appropriate drop off zones for each grade level:
  • JK/SK zone: in front of the JK/SK gate on the north side of Bedford Park Avenue; a parent/student volunteer will escort your child into the play area.
  • Grades 1-4: west end of the schoolyear on the north side of Bedford park Avenue; students are expected to walk the short distance into the school play yard.
  • Grades 5-8: south side of Woburn Avenue; students will walk through the teacher parking lot and into the play yard.

Here are some simple rules to make the kiss 'n' ride work:

  • Kiss 'n' Ride: Prior to putting a child in the car, say good-bye to them; at the drop-off, the child only needs their seatbelt released and they can exit the behicle from the PASSENGER SIDE ONLY.
  • Drivers/parents: Do not get out of the vehicle. There are other vehicles behind you queuing up to drop-off; keep traffic moving.
  • Drop off zones are always on the passenger side of the car. Please consider Bedford Park a westbound one-way street and Woburn Avenue an eastbound one-way street only.
  • Drivers should wait until they are at the correct kiss 'n' ride point before they let their child exit the vehicle. Do not drop off prior to this point.
  • Parent volunteers will not lift children out of the vehicles but will facilitate the child getting out of the car and into the play yard.
  • If you wish to help your child get out of the vehicle, do not use the drop-off areas. Please use the paid parking at the south side of Bedford or find street parking beyond the drop-off zones.
  • Do not stop in the bus or not stopping zones.
  • If there is more than one student in a vehicle, the drop-off zone is based on the younger child. The older child is expected to walk to the appropriate play yard.

VOLUNTEERS: this program works well only if there are volunteers. It is requested that each parent volunteer once per term, which works out to about 45 minutes in total per term. Please contact the school at 416-393-5226 for more information.