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School Handbook

Dress Code Implementation at Blessed Sacrament School
This page is designed to communicate and inform parents of the Appropriate Dress Code (navy blue and white clothing) that the TCDSB will implement across all elementary schools by September 2011. A poll of schools reveals that 65% have implemented the Appropriate Dress Code to date.
More information about the Appropriate Dress Code can be found on the TCDSB website.
Overview of Blessed Sacrament Appropriate Dress Code
Polo shirt, blouse, turtle neck, collared shirt, tshirts, golf shirts, dress shirts, etc.
Solid white or Solid Navy
No logos (except for school crest)
No extra colours at collar, stripes, etc
No wording, pictures, stripes or brand name logo
No tops that show midriff
No tank tops
Pants, skirts, skort, shorts, tunic, dresses
Solid Navy blue
No denim or jeans
No logos (except for school crest)
No brand name logos, stripes, etc.
No excessively short shorts or skirts
Outer Wear
Jackets, sweaters, vest, sweatshirt
Solid Navy blue
No logos (except for school crest)
No extra colours
No wording, pictures, stripes, or brand name logo
All socks and tights
Solid white or Solid Navy
No logos (except for school crest)
No extra colours
No wording, pictures, stripes or brand name logo
All shoes and boots
Any color
No flip flops
Update on Dress Code Policy in Elementary Schools
  • The implementation of an Appropriate Dress Code (which consists of any combination of white and navy blue garments but no denims) in all TCDSB elementary schools will take place by September 2011.
  • A survey was conducted in March 2010:
    70.4% of Blessed Sacrament families responded
    56.3% of these families chose to adopt the Appropriate Dress Code for their children
    55.7% of these families chosed to implement the Appropriate Dress Code in September 2010.

Background of the TCDSB Dress Code policy
The Toronto Catholic District School Board has revised the Dress Code for Pupils Policy S.S.07 to implement the Appropriate Dress Code in all TCDSB elementary schools by September 2011. The revised dress code policy has 2 types of dress codes:
  • Uniform Dress Code (specific dress items that must be purchased from a specific uniform supplier
  • Appropriate Dress Code (clothing with a prescribed colour scheme
Reasons for the move toward an Appropriate Dress Code
On December 3, 2007, a motion from the Board of Trustees, at the Meeting of the Human Resources, Program and Religious Affairs Committee, that staff would determine the impact of implementation a Uniform Dress Code in all elementary schools in the board.
The TCDSB believes that adopting the Appropriate Dress Code is in the best interest of the Toronto Catholic District School Board students and community.

Appropriate Dress Code Details
An Appropriate Dress Code was selected over the Uniform Dress Code due to the lower cost, greater retail availability and greater choice and flexibility. Garments that students can wear include:
  • shorts, skorts, skirts
  • dresses
  • pants, cargo/capri pants
  • golf shirts, blouses, dress shirts, t-shirts
Dress code options that the Blessed Sacrament "Dress Code commitee" decided include:
  1. dress details (e.g., collar or not collared shirts)
  2. inclusion and colour of over-garments (such as vests)
  3. school crests
  4. gym attire
  5. accessories
  6. The colours navy blue and white were chosen since garments in these colours are readily available at a wide range of retailers.

Advantages of the Appropriate Dress Code
Implementing the Appropriate Dress Code will help:
  • promote school safety
  • promote inclusiveness and equality and helps to reduce social conflict
  • encourage students to focus on academics rather than their wardrobe
  • promote the Catholic school identity
  • simplify morning routine for students and parents
  • give parents choice and flexibility and is economical
  • provide consistency in dress code policy at the elementary and secondary level
  • ease transition from elementary school to secondary school as students will already be accustomed to the uniformity of dress
  • unify students of different socio-economic background
Approved suppliers
R.J. McCarthy has been chosen by the Dress Code Committee to be Blessed Sacrament's supplier of Navy and White approved apparel.
But parents are also able to purchase approved Navy and White apparel from other retailers such as:
JAG Sports Supplies
Marchant’s School Sport
Neat Stuff Inc.
Serkin Promotions
Sharc Sales
Treads 'N Threads