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School Programs
Core French for grades 1 to 8 (20 minutes per day for grades 1 to 4, 30 minutes per day for grades 5 to 8)
English as a second language (assistance for students available)
Enrichment program (on an 'offsite' withdrawal basis) for students identified as gifted
Extended French classes for grades 5 to 8 (see Registration page for more details)
Instrumental music (strings) for grades 6 to 8
Scientists in School - a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to motivating interest in science and technology through hands-on workshops in the classroom.
Special Needs (support is offered)
Vocal music for grades JK to 5 (grade 6 only if schedule permits)

Academic Programs (Teacher Initiatives)
Concerts & productions
Empower Reading Program
Family Literacy collection (grade 1)
Overnight Excursions (Intermediate division only)
Skills Canada presentation for Intermediates
String Orchestra
Student Success Liaison with Marshal McLuhan
Talent Show
Young Authors Festival


Liturgical Programs
The Liturgical team visits with each classroom and the students participate in liturgical celebrations at the church and school
Rosary recitation on a monthly basis
Sacraments preparation (First Reconciliation and Communion for grade 2s and Confirmation for grade 8s)