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Frequently Asked Questions
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How do I contact the school?
For general inquiries, call the school office at 416-393-5226.
For specific questions about the school, contact the Principal (at 416-393-5226).
Where is the school located?
Blessed Sacrament School is located at 24 Bedford Park Avenue which is west of Yonge Street and 1 block north of Lawrence Avenue.
Click here for a map.
How do I contact the Website Administrator?
Please contact the Website Administrator via email or call Irene Cook at 416-485-1944.
How can I contact CSAC?
The Blessed Sacrament Catholic School Advisory Committee is run by volunteers; you can contact the CSAC chair by leaving a message at 416-393-5226.
How can I get involved in CSAC?
If you are interested in making a valuable contribution to the Blessed Sacrament Catholic School community as a member of CSAC, you are invited to submit your nomination as a parent/guardian representative. Terms are for 2 years. . Nomination forms are available in the school office, the parent bulletin board or from Mary Smeaton. If you or someone you know is interested, please fill out the form and return it to the office. Nominations will be acknowledged in writing upon receipt and will be accepted up to the first CSAC meeting (Monday October 4, 2010).
The Election/Nominating Committee is also looking for teacher representatives, non-teaching staff representatives and community representatives.

The election will be held at the first CSAC meeting of the 2009-10 school year on Monday, October 5, 2008.
For more information or if you have any questions, please contact the Election/Nominating Committee chair.
There are also many opportunities for parents to volunteer their time; please call the school at 416-393-5226 and leave a message with the secretaries.
What are the qualifications to join CSAC?
According to the Toronto Catholic District School Board guidelines, the parent/guardian representatives are qualified to be a parent member of a CSAC if he/she is a parent/guardian of a student enrolled in the school. A parent is not qualified if he/she is employed at the school or he/she is an employee of the TCDSC (unless reasonable steps are taken to inform people qualified to vote in the elction of parent members of that employment).
How do I add, remove or change my email address from the school email distribution list?
Our Blessed Sacrament email distribution currently reaches about 85% of our families by email. Success of the distribution list is contingent on up-to-date email addresses. At any time should you want to be added, removed or make a change to your email address, please contact Paz Galarce. When you request a change, please indicate all your children's names, grades and teachers. If you are receiving paper communication it means we do not have an email address for your family. Please send an email address as soon as possible!
How do I register my child?
Blessed Sacrament Catholic Elementary School welcomes new students and their families!
Registration for new Junior Kindergarten students takes place in February 1st (7 months prior to the start of the new school year) and continues throughout the year. A child qualifies for enrollment at Blessed Sacrament if the following conditions are met:
- the child is of age to attend an elementary school (4 years old by December 31st of that school year).
- the child or one of his/her parents has been baptized in the Catholic faith
- the parents/guardians live within the school boundaries (North = Brook Avenue, Old York Mills, York Mills Road; East = Bayview Avenue; South = Lytton Boulevard, Blythwood Road; West = Avenue Road)
(If a child does not live within the boundaries, their registration will be reviewed by the principal.)
Please pick up a registration form at the school after January or download the Registration form and return all required documents after the beginning of February.
Required Documents include:
- Child's birth certificate
- Catholic Baptismal certificate (or other proof of Catholicity)
- Ontario Health Card
- Record of immunization
- Proof of residency (lease, utility bill, etc)
(please provide original documents where possible to the school at the time of registration; the school will make photocopies and return the originals to parents).

Can I register my child during the course of the school year?
Registration for students JK to grade 8 is ongoing at the school all year long (registration for new JK students starts after February 1st). Please call the school at 416-393-5226 to make an appointment to visit the school and meet the principal; you can register your child(ren) at that time.
Why does CSAC fundraise?
CSAC parents hosts fundraising events throughout the year to raise funds for students, teachers and the community. Some of these events also involve student participation which fosters a sense of community within the school.
What are the fundraising events during the year?
For a list of Fundraising events, please visit the Fundraising page.
Who can participate in the fundraising events?
All fundraising events involve parent participation in some form. Parent volunteers are always needed to help out with every fundraising event; if you would like to volunteer, please call the school at 416-393-5226 and you will be contacted by a CSAC member.
How can my business participate in the school fundraisers?
Many school fundraising events rely heavily on local and family businesses to succeed; your assistance is greatly appreciated! Please contact the school at 416-393-5226 and you will be contacted by a fundraising coordinator.
What volunteer positions are available?
Parent and community volunteers are always welcome at Blessed Sacrament school! Please contact the Principal, Karen Quinn, at 416-393-5226 to find out more information.
Currently, we are seeking individuals for the following roles:
- volunteer to transition into the Traffic Safety Kiss N' Ride Coordinator role
Who do I contact to inquire about volunteering?
Please contact the school or the Principal, Karen Quinn, at 416-393-5226 to find out more information.
What is the Safety policy of Blessed Sacrament School?
The Safety policy of Blessed Sacrament School is derived from the Safe Schools Act and encompasses many policies including the School Code of Conduct, our Traffic Safety Kiss N' Ride Program, Anaphylaxis Policy, etc. More details about these policies can be found in the Policies webpage.
In June 2007, the Ontario government passed Bill 212, an Act to amend the Education Act in respect of behaviour, discipline and safety. This legislation sets out significant changes to the Safe Schools provisions of the Education Act. The TCDSB and Blessed Sacrament are currently establishing a Progressive Discipline Plan as required by Bill 212. You can find more information about the TCDSB Safe Schools Policy on the TCDSB website.
Who do I contact to inquire more about a specific policy?
Please contact the principal, Karen Quinn, at 416-393-5226 for more information specific to a policy at Blessed Sacrament. The TCDSB Policy webpage has more information.