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For Parents
Sometimes when we are busy helping our children, we also need a bit of help! Here are some useful links:
Homework help - Links
Here are some web based tools that students can access from home to help with a variety of homework questions:
  • EBSCO Research Database: an online research database for students:
    User name is TCDSB
    password is TCDSB
  • e-Learning Ontario: provides online courses and resources to secondary and elementary students, providing them with more opportunities to succeed.
  • popular one-stop information resource for kids including timelines, almanacs, a colourful atlas and over 57,000 short articles from the Columbia Encyclopiea. The Homework Center breaks information down into subjects (geography, math, social studies) and skills (writing, speaking and listening, studying).
  • Grolier Online: six research databases including encyclopedias and magazines:
    User name is toroncdsb
    password is toro5988
  • a site for animals and places.
  • the Toronto Public Library has provided 'pathfinders', collections of links to kid-friendly resources on everything from ancient Rome to Canada's trading partners to math and music.
  • Mathville: a web-based math resource - a web software designed to make math fun for Ontario grade 1 to 8 students; to students it looks like a game collection but each of the activities addresses an important topic in the Ontario math curriculum. Mathville is licensed for school and home use by all Ontario teachers and students.
    User name is fun154
    password is numbers
  • Mrs. Glosser's Math Goodies: a free math help portal that features interactive lessons, worksheets and homework help (as endorsed by the TCDSB).
  • National Atlas of Canada: online resource that allows you to download maps and find details on Canada's geography.
  • Nelson Math: suggestions to help your child from JK to grade 8 learn mathematics.
  • study guides of classic books.
  • Students can also ask their teacher for the userid and password to the Ontario Educational Resource Bank (OERB).
Parent Resources
Here is some information about how to help your child succeed and keep them safe:
  • How to choose the right car seat for your child - information about choosing the right car seat for your child (booster seats for children less than 8 years old, between 18kg/40lbs and 36kg/80lbs and less than 145cm/4'9" tall; seatbelts for children over 8 years old, weighs over 36kg/80lbs and is over 145cm/4'9" tall).
Parent Workshops
Here is some information about parenting workshops:
  • Alyson Shafer - a psychotherapist and one of Canada's leading parenting experts, Alyson Shafer's website offers parenting advice for toddlers to teenagers.
  • Parent Education Network - courses and classes for parents.
Here is some information about how to help your child succeed:
  • Comprehensive Literacy - a brochure for parents of kindergarten to grade three students that outlines how Comprehensive Literacy addresses all four strand of the Language Arts curriculum: reading, writing, oral language and media literacy.
Traffic Safety ("Kiss 'n Ride" Program)
Kiss 'n Ride Program
The Kiss and Ride program is again operating this school year; thank you for abiding by the guidelines of the program and the posted traffic signs to keep our kids safe! For the safety of your child, do not park on the south side of Bedford Park Avenue to drop off students.
The drop zones are as follows:
- JK and SK: kindergarten playground gate at north side of Bedford Park Avenue
- grades 1-4: west end of the school yard at north side of Bedford Park Avenue
- grades 5-8: east rear gate to school property at south side of Woburn Avenue

In the morning, it is important that the children have their bags ready to exit the car and that parents/guardians do not stop to pull items out of the trunk. The drop off point must be outside of the school bus loading zone (near the Kindergarten area) since there are 7 busses arriving in the morning.

The south side of the road is designated as a no stopping/no parking zone - cars can and will be ticketed. Also, with cars parked on both sides of Bedford Park Avenue road, it becomes impossible for the busses to move into position, load children and move away safely. Horns are sounding, tempers are fraying and ultimately the safety of our children is at risk. First Student drivers cannot move with all of the illegal street parking on the south side of the street. Their supervisor has been to the school to voice their concerns for the hazards the parking presents. The children who go to the North York Learning Centre across the road cross at the Pedestrian Cross Walk and then move along the south side. Their safety is also a concern. The Toronto Parking Authority has also been contacted to help us out.
Your help and cooperation will help keep our children safe!
Safe Arrival Program
Please call the school at 416-393-5226 if your child will be late or absent and leave a message on the answering machine; clearly state your child's name, grade level, teacher and reason for the absence. This voice mail option is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your support of this Safe School Arrival program is greatly appreciated.
School Parking Lot
Please do not park in the school parking lot or drive way; the parking lot has very limited space that is used by teachers, support staff and TCDSB vehicles. Parking is available on Bedford Park Avenue and a Green P parking lot across from the school.