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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Blessed Sacrament Toy Testers Play it Forward


The grade 2 class at Blessed Sacrament Catholic School received a huge surprise on June 6th when they found out they were going to be toy testers for the Canadian Toy Association.


With an emphasis on learning through play and discovery learning, the students moved from station to station exploring activities including chalk drawing, painting, bubbles, board games, construction toys, pretend play and active play, to determine which toys were the best. A special thanks went out to the parent volunteers and the grade 7 students who led the groups through the various activities.


In the afternoon they discussed their reviews of the various toys, and followed up by talking about what should be done with the toys that would be left at the school. It was decided that the majority of the items would be donated to other schools and organizations who could benefit from the donation. #playitfoward


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