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Principal`s Message

Blessed Trinity Catholic School is situated on Bayview at Finch and it opened in 1963. We offer both Regular and Special Education, including a D.D. Class, Behaviour Class and Gifted Center for area schools. Our modern, newly upgraded library has a computer lab and each classroom has several computers, all with high speed connections to the Internet

Students enjoy a variety of sports and extra-curricular activities: volleyball, soccer, softball, basketball, floor hockey, cross country, track and field, swim team, W5H, Student Council, 

Blessed Trinity traditions demonstrate a strong emphasis on following Gospel values, including daily prayer, monthly masses; strong parental involvement and commitment; community celebrations and much more. Over the years the school has enjoyed a strong association with the community and the Catholic School Advisory Council. Extensive contributions have been made by parents to help fund programs and activities that benefit students directly as well as sponsor information night for parents. The CSAC has helped fund the playground, update the library as well as support many school activities and fund raisers to purchase supplementary resources.

At Blessed Trinity, we provide each student with a Christian Education that will serve as a solid base for achieving academic excellence. We encourage our students to be respectful Catholics dedicated to their faith, diligent students who try to do their best in all academic areas, be respectful of themselves and others, be respectful of the discipline code and be respectful of the environment. We encourage a strong emphasis on reading and writing literacy through Balanced Literacy and Literacy in the Middle Grades programs. The mathematics, science and social studies programs are supplemented with many interesting resources. Vocal and instrumental music programs also serve to enrich the curriculum. We are working diligently to achieve our ongoing objectives for all the students: academic excellence, artistic, dramatic and musical development, along with the development of Christian values.


It is an honour and a privilege to be the Principal of Blessed Trinity Catholic School and I hope you have enjoyed browsing our Web site. If you would like to have a real tour of our school, it would be my pleasure to welcome you.


Please contact the school at (416) 393-5289.