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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Vote to support our school yard
renewal project idea!

Quality schoolyards provide opportunities for the physical challenges, exercise, sensory play, fantasy play, organized sports and unsupervised free play that allow for healthy, well-rounded development. Our students are deserving and in desperate need of an outdoor environment that allows for this.
Currently, the school yard at our school has very little to offer the students to aid in their physical activity. All we have is a field, some basketball hoops with rotting nets, a circle of rocks for kids to sit on and a few hopscotch/four square games painted on the asphalt. There is no track for the kids to run on during gym and for team practices, there is no play structure and the asphalt is full of pits and holes that the students (especially the younger ones) are always tripping on.
Our students need a proper athletic field with a paved track that cuts into the grass field area, multiple playground seating areas, shaded play areas, multi-use basketball nets, organized game markings on the asphalt for the primary grades, a play structure designed for all abilities as our school has a large number of students with special needs and resurfacing of the entire school yard as it is currently damaged with holes and little rocks that the children slip on.
A quality schoolyard is important for elementary schools because outdoor activities are critical for growth, health, education and enjoyment. All children should experience pleasant and well-equipped outdoor environments on a daily basis. We hope you agree with us and approve our project.
Register to vote at and help us access funding for our school yard!