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Even a cursory glance at the list of co-curricular activities provides ample evidence of the vibrancy and diversity of community life at Brebeuf College School. With so many clubs and activities from which to choose, students are encouraged to simply follow their interests and get involved - today! There is something for everyone at Brebeuf.


The goal of The Intramural Programme is designed to primarily involve as many Grade 9 students as possible in athletic activities ranging from floor Hockey to  Basketball to Table Tennis and Dodgeball. Students are associated with one of six houses names after the Canadian Martyrs.
Intramurals provide friendly competitions, an introduction to some new sports, and a chance to make lasting friendships. Intramural games are usually held right after dismissal. All Grade 9 students are encouraged to catch the intramural spirit!



Activity                 Moderator(s)

Academic Awards                 Mr. Da Costa
Alumni Association                 Mr. Da Costa
Brother Maher Fund for Africa Mr. Da Costa
Debating Society                 Mr. Da Costa
Echon Yearbook                 Mr. Martinez
Graduation Committee         Ms. McTernan
                        Mr. Da Costa
Relations Newsletter         Mr. Marozzo
Robotics                         Ms. Annetta
Science Club                 Ms. Llupo 
SHSM Health & Wellness         Mr. Sabatini
                        Mr. Aquino
SHSM ICT                 Mr. Marozzo
Social Justice Club                 Mr. Da Costa
Social Media                 Mr. Da Costa
Student Council                 Ms. McTernan
                        Mr. Joaquim
The B Newspaper                 Mr. Da Costa