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Toronto Catholic District School Board


Even a cursory glance at the list of co-curricular activities provides ample evidence of the vibrancy and diversity of community life at Brebeuf College School. With so many clubs and activities from which to choose, students are encouraged to simply follow their interests and get involved - today! There is something for everyone at Brebeuf.


The goal of The Intramural Programme is designed to primarily involve as many Grade 9 students as possible in athletic activities ranging from floor Hockey to  Basketball to Table Tennis and Dodgeball. Students are associated with one of six houses names after the Canadian Martyrs.
Intramurals provide friendly competitions, an introduction to some new sports, and a chance to make lasting friendships. Intramural games are usually held right after dismissal. All Grade 9 students are encouraged to catch the intramural spirit!


Academic Awards Night                                   Mr. Da Costa
Alumni Association                                         Mr. Da Costa
Aquarist Club                                               Ms. Johnston
Art Club & Arts Nights                                    Ms. Pieroni
Asian Association                                           Ms. Lee, Ms. Chung
Athletic Co-ordination Team                             Mr.A. Sabatini, Mr. Margou Mr. Lena
Athletic Council                                             Mr. Galatianos
Athletic Banquet                                            Mr. Savelli, Mr. Sabatini
Avogadro Chemistry Competition                       Mr. R. Krevs
Badminton Club                                            Mr. Margou, Mr. Marinic
Baseball (Senior)                                            Mr. Solarski, Mr. Chin You
Basketball (Jr)                                               Mr. Waithe, Mr. Savelli,
Ms. Prendi, Mr. Modi
Basketball (Sr)                                               Mr. Mikes, Ms. Prendi
Basketball Player Development                          Mr. Waithe
Black History Month                                       Mr. Margou
Brebeuf Math Olympics                                   Mr. Ryan
BNN (Brebeuf News Network)                           Mr. J. MacDonald
Brebeuf Social Justice Symposium                       Mr. Da Costa, Mr. Chin You, Ms. Noah
Brebeuf Varsity Indoor Soccer                          Mr. Sabatini, Mr. Aquino Mr. Savelli
Brother Maher Fund for Africa                          Br. Spencer, Mr. Da Costa
Camp Olympia Leadership Camp                       Ms. Deveci
Camp Muskoka Orientation                              Ms. Deveci, Mr. Galatianos
Canadian Geography Challenge                          Mr. Marinic
Canadian Natl. Math League                             Mr. Ryan
CAN-AID                                                     Ms.LoBianco, Ms.Visconti,
Ms. Flanagan, Mr. Rogers Mr. Galatianos
Chaplaincy                                                   Br. Spencer, Mr. DeMiglio
Mr. Gregoris
Chem 13 News Waterloo Competiton                  Mr. R. Krevs
Chess Club                                                   Mr. Lamb
Clothing Drive                                               Ms. Deveci
Clubs Fair                                                    Ms. DiPaolo
Communion Breakfast                                     Mr. Da Costa, Ms. Martin
Concert Band (Jr & Sr)                                    Mr. Found
Conflict Mediation                                          Ms. DiPaolo
Cross Country Team                                       Mr. Breglia
Crystal Chemistry                                          Mr. Krevs
C.S.U.N.A. Model U.N.                                     Mr. Da Costa
Curling                                                        Ms. Chung, Ms. Lee
Debating Society                                            Mr. Da Costa
Echon Yearbook                                            Mr. J. MacDonald
Mr. Martinez, Ms. Douglas
Eucharistic Adoration                                      Mr. Gregoris, Mr. Guy Filipino Club
Flag Football                                                 Mr. Found, Ms. Rodrigues
Games and Hobbies Club                                 Mr. Lamb
Gardening Club                                             Ms. Johnston, Mr. Wright
Grenada Volunteer Trip                                   Mr. Rogers
Golf Team                                                    Mr. Chin You
Gospel Singers                                              Mr. DeMiglio, Ms. Pieroni, Ms. Sego,
Ms. Lo Bianco
Grade 8 Welcome Barbecue                              Mr Savelli, Mr. Galatianos
Graduation Committee                                    Mr. Da Costa, Ms. Meffe Ms. James
Graduation Formal                                      Ms. Risi, Ms. Manery Ms. Martin,Ms.Devici
Ms. Walsh
Great Cdn. Geo. Challenge                               Mr. Marinic
Handball Club                                               Mr. Wright
Hockey (Sr)                                                  Mr. Chin You, Mr. Solarski
Hockey (Jr)                                                   Mr. J. MacDonald, Mr. Marozzo Mr.
Hockey (Non-Contact)                                     Mr. K. MacDonald, Mr. Debicki

House System & Intramurals                             Mr. Galatianos, Ms. Piazza Mr. Savelli, Mr.
Inside Ride                                                   Mr. Galatianos, Mr. Savelli
Ms. Piazza
Jazz Choir                                                    Mr. Cavaiola
Jazz Combo (Jr) & (Sr)                                    Mr. Found
Kairos Retreats                                              Mr. Jenkins, Mr. Guy, Mr. Gregoris,
Mr. Rebello, Mr. Galatianos, Ms.Shannon
Landscaping/Gardening Club                             Ms. Johnston
Library Crew                                                Ms. Martin
March Break Trips                                         Mr. DeMiglio,
March for Life                                               Mr. Guy, Ms. Sego
Ms. Rodrigues
Math Contest Club                                         Mr. Lena
Me to We                                                    Ms.LoBianco, Ms.Visconti,
Ms. Flanagan, Mr. Rogers
Mock Trial                                                   Mr. Margou
Multicultural Club                                          Mr. Savelli, Mr.Breglia, Ms.Chung
National Biology Competition                            Ms. Johnston
Ordinandi Dinner                                           Br. Spencer, Mr. Gregoris, Mr. Guy, Mr.
Peer Tutoring                                               Ms. DiPaolo, Mr. Savelli
Ms. Chung, Mr. Galatianos
Photography Club                                          Ms. Douglas
PresLink                                                      Br. Spencer, Mr. Da Costa
Reach for the Top                                          Mr. Rebello, Ms. Chung Ms. Lee, Mr.
Relations Newsletter                                       Mr. Da Costa
Robotics Team                                              Mr.D’Addario, Mr. Marozzo Mr. Rebello
Rosary                                                         Ms. Travelho,-Cruz
Mr. Guy, Ms. Rodrigues Mr. Gregoris
Rugby (Bantam 7’s)                                        Mr. Wright, Mr. Galatianos
Mr. Fiore
Rugby (JR 7’s)                                               Mr. Wright, Mr. Galatianos Mr. Fiore
Rugby (JR 15)                                                Mr. Wright, Mr. Galatianos
Mr. Fiore
Rugby (SR 7’s)                                              Mr. Galatianos, Mr. Wright Mr. Fiore
Rugby (SR 15))                                              Mr. Galatianos, Mr. Wright
Mr. Fiore
Salesian Leadership Retreats                             Mr. Gregoris, Mr. Guy
Ski Trip                                                       Mr. DeMiglio
Soccer (JR)                                                   Mr. Debicki, Mr. Savelli,
Ms. Chung, Ms. Piazza
Soccer (SR)                                                  Mr. Aquino, Mr. A. Sabatini
Mr. Debicki, Mr. Savelli, Mr. D’Angelo
Soccer (Indoor)                                             Mr. Sabatini, Mr. Aquino Mr. Savelli
Squash (JR, SR)                                             Mr. Margou
Stage Band                                                   Mr. Found
Student Council                                             Mr. Galatianos, Ms. Zeppieri
Students on Safety                                         Ms. DiPaolo
Swim Team                                                  Ms. Shannon
Table Tennis Team                                         Mr. Chin You, Ms. Shannon
TCDSB Day of Service                                     Mr. DeMiglio,Br.Spencer
Tennis Team                                                 Mr. Mera, Mr. Modi
Terry Fox Run                                               Mr. Galatianos
Theatre Brebeuf                                             Mr. Cavaiola, Ms. Lo Bianco Ms.
Johnston, Ms. Douglas
Ms. Risi, Mr. R. Sabatini, Ms. Boetto, Ms. Sego, Ms.Pieroni, Ms. Cydejko
The B Newspaper                                           Mr. Da Costa
Track & Field                                                Mr. Breglia, Mr. Debicki,
Mr. Jenkins, Mr. Savelli, Mr. Margou
Ultimate Frisbee                                            Mr. K.Macdonald, Ms. Noah
VICS Fastathon                                              Ms. Pieroni
Volleyball (Jr.)                                               Ms. Douglas, Ms. Prendi
Volleyball (Sr.)                                              Ms. Douglas, Mr. Joaquim, Ms. Prendi
Mr. Modi
Waterloo Math Contests                                  Mr. Ryan
Weight and Fitness Club                                  Mr. Galatianos, Mr. Guy,
Mr. Sabatini, Mr. DeThomasis
Mr. Marinic, Mr.D’Angelo, Mr.Chin You, Mr. Wright
Youth Ministry                                              Mr. Gregoris, Mr. Guy
Ms. Rogrigues, Mr. Rebello