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Men For Others
True Catholic leadership is rooted in humility and service.  How do you serve others around you?  Whatever your current motivation, if you are participating in service, you will be ministering as Jesus did.  Remember service involves actions but the spirit and prayerful attitude you bring to your actions are equally important.

Read It! Luke 10:27, John 15:12-13, John 13:15

You see! If you want to follow Jesus you have to give Him props and don't leave him Hanging!  Attitude is everything...
If you need some help, check out Mother Teresa, she had it going on when it dealt with true service.  Remember service may require you putting down your own plans!

Best Buddies Chapter now at Brebeuf
See Mr. Gregoris, Mr. Wright or Russell Sng for more infrmation.

Les Donnes
Come out every Tuesday after school to Gibson House Long Term Care Centre.  Play BINGO with the elderly and assist in other ways too.  Earn an hour of community service and make a difference in the lives of the seniors.  See Br. Spencer in the Chaplaincy Office.
Live the Faith in our Greater Human Community
L'Arche...Helping others with disabilities
Canadian Food for Children...Dr. Simone (sending food to Africa)
Covenant House...Helping youth in the downtown core
Office of Catholic Youth...Archdiocese of Toronto
Volunteer Now...Helping Others in our community
Live the Faith at Brebeuf
Brebeuf Youth Ministry
VICS (Holy Thursday)... Pieroni
Les Donnes - Visiting the Elderly...Br. Spencer
Best Buddies...Gregoris
Chaplaincy Team....De Miglio, Br. Spencer and Gregoris
Can-Aid... Lamb
Peer Tutors.... DiPaolo, Schmidt
Haiti Milk Bag Collection... Gregoris, Sturino
Math Peer Tutoring...Lena
Grade Nine Retreat Leader...Gregoris
Music Ministry...Gregoris
Liturgical Ministry...Gregoris
Healing Ministry...Gregoris


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