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The Ministry of Education states in the Education Act that students are to be treated with respect and dignity.  Respect and responsibility are demonstrated when a student:


  • comes to school prepared, on time, dressed in compliance with the school dress code and ready to learn;
  • shows respect for  themselves, for others and for those in authori
  • refrains from bringing anything to school that may compromise the safety of others; follows the established rules and takes responsibility for his or her own action.

Ontario High School Diploma Requirements:

-  18 compulsory credits
-  12 optional credits
-  30 Total credits
-  Mandatory community volunteer work of at least 40 hours completed over 4 years
-  Successful completion of the Grade 10 OSSLT (Literacy Test)
Secondary schools in Ontario operate under the credit system in Grades 9-12.  Under this system students pass or fail individual courses rather than entire grades, therefore, promotion is done by courses, not by grade level. All students at Brebeuf must be registered as "FULL TIME" students. Students may take a study period only after they have accumulated more than 24 credits. Only students in Grade 12 may drop a course. Students wishing to drop a course must consult with a guidance counsellor.

Subject Promotion:

Subject promotion means that a student advances to the next grade level in each course in which he achieves at least 50% standing for the semester.  One credit is granted for each course passed.  A student who does not pass may:
attend summer school to upgrade his mark if he achieves a minimum mark of 35% with the exception for Grade 12 university level courses where the minimum mark is 45%.
repeat the course during the next year while at the same time advance to the next grade in those subjects that were passed.


Levels of Study:

Students in Grade 9 and 10 will choose courses from the following four types:  Pre-AP/Enriched, Academic, Applied and Open. Courses in Grades 11 and 12 are destination based and offered at the Advanced Placement (P), University(U), College(C), University/College(M), Open (O) or Workplace(W)  levels.

Religion Courses:

Brebeuf is a Catholic Secondary School.  As such, formal courses in religion are taught at every grade level.  All Brebeuf students must take and successfully complete a religion course for each year from Grades 9-12.  This is in accordance with the policy of the Archdiocese of Toronto, the Toronto Catholic District School Board and Brebeuf College School.
Retreats are held once a year in every religion course.  Retreat days are considered a regular school day.  Attendance is mandatory and parental support is expected.
At the Grade 12 level, the religion requirement will be satisfied through an independent study project and community service component which will be organized through the religion department.  This is a requirement for both attendance at the school and participation in the graduation exercises.

Course Information Sheets:

At the beginning of each course, teachers distribute course information sheets that outline important course information as well as the assessment and evaluation framework for the course.


Achievement Information:

  • Teachers may encourage students to keep a record of their marks in the agenda book
  • Students will be informed of  their  term mark for all work marked to date prior to the final exam
  • Students will be given the opportunity to verify their marks with each subject teacher before each mark reporting period.
  • Parents/guardians who have concerns about their son's progress are invited to contact the teacher by calling the school at 416-393-5508, accessing the names directory (#1), and leaving a message in the teacher's voicemail box.


Testing Policy:

Illness or family emergency are the only acceptable reasons for a student to miss any form of evaluation (e.g. tests, presentations, exams).  To ensure that the absence is not recorded as truant (thereby risking being given a zero on the test), a phone call to the school from a parent/guardian or a note for the office is required.  If a student has been suspended from school he must keep his work up to date. He is responsible for making arrangements with his teacher to complete missed tests.



Each student is expected to submit work and assignments that are his own work, not work or material copied from another student or source.  Plagiarizing is a form of cheating and may result in a mark of zero on the assignment.

Early Assessment Letters:

  • Students who are in danger of failing a course or whose progress is unsatisfactory will receive early assessment letter. They are mailed after the first month of classes in each semester at the discretion of the teacher. Please refer to the school calendar for specific dates. Teachers may choose to report achievement as satisfactory if performance is above 60%.
  • Individual subject teachers will make a reasonable effort to ensure that the early assessment letter is returned signed by the parent.

Letters of Concern:

  • Letters of Concern will be mailed approximately one month before the end of the semester, when deemed appropriate by the subject teacher. Please see the school calendar for specific dates.


  • Examinations are compulsory components of most courses. Students who miss an exam due to illness or unforeseen family circumstances will have their final mark based on their term work (for illness a medical note is required).  In all other instances students will be given a zero.
  • NOTE: Holidays DO NOT qualify as a valid reason to miss an exam or to have alternative arrangements made.
  • Students should be in the examination room by 8:45 a.m.
  • Students will only bring materials into the exam room as instructed by the teacher. Notebooks, bags, cellphones and other electronic communication devices are to be left at home or in locker.
  • Cheating on examinations will result in a mark of zero.

Field Trips and Excursions:

  • Parental consent forms must accompany each and every trip or excursion. 
  • Students are responsible for all missed assignments and homework during the field trip or excursion period.
  • A student's health and safety form must have been completed and be on file at the school in order for a student to participate in school trips. 
  • In addition to other consequences, any student who fails to live up to the terms of the Code of Conduct will forfeit the privilege of participating in any further field trips for the remainder of the semester.


1.     Be responsible.
2.     Always try.
3.     Do your best.
4.     Cooperate with others.
5.     Treat everyone with respect (including yourself).
6.   Remember our motto: Studio Gradum Faciant (Succeed Through Study)!