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Brebeuf College Religion Program Consideration:
All students at Brebeuf College School must take a religion course each year they attend. A description of each course is provided below. Religion courses in Grade 9 and 10 are offered at the open level and designed to meet the needs of all learners. In Grade 11 and Grade 12, religion courses are offered at either the university/college level (M level) or the open level (primarily for students studying at the college/workplace level).
Retreats: Each year students will be expected to participate in a retreat that is part of the religion program. The retreat program to date has been as follows:
Grade 9: As part of this three day orientation at Muskoka Wood sports camp  students will meet new friends and older student mentors and participate in a  Mass in honour of our Patron Saint St. Jean de Brebeuf. Grade 9 students also participate in a full day Religion Retreat that includes a Bible commissioning ceremony where a new bible will be given to each student with the expectation that the bibles will be used to increase each students understanding and love of their faith.
Grade 10: Each Brebeuf College Grade 10 religion class will be participating in a Religion Retreat located at the Manresa Jesuit Spiritual Retreat Centre located in Pickering.
Grade 11: Each Brebeuf College Grade 11 religion class will be participating in an interactive World Religion presentation which will showcase religious artifacts from all the major religions of the world. When possible, students will also visit a local synagogue, mosque and/or Buddhist temple.
Grade 12: Each Brebeuf College Grade 12 religion class will be participating in a Religion Retreat at the Queen of Apostles Renewal Centre located in Mississauga Ontario.
Other Retreat Opportunities: Brebeuf College students will be able to enrich and strengthen their faith by participating in an optional Kairos Retreat and also a Salesian Retreat which are offered each semester.
Father Murphy and students.jpg

Father Murphy, Pastor of Blessed Trinity, Brother Henry Spencer, Student Altar Servers
Cardinal Collins Nov 1 2013.jpg

Cardinal's Visit - November 1, 2013