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From the Board:


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Office of the Director of Education


Office of the Chair of the Board




March 6, 2015


Dear Parent/Guardian, Staff, Student:


As you are likely aware, the Toronto Catholic District School Board is faced with some serious financial challenges. All our stakeholders are invited and encouraged to participate in the budget planning process as the Board considers options for deficit recovery.


There will be several opportunities to provide input, either through delegations at a number of upcoming board and committee meetings, through a virtual Town Hall, which will take place online on
March 11th and through an online survey. Information about the budget process, options for deficit recovery, and opportunities for input are outlined on our website at


It is important for the Board to hear from all stakeholders—our students, our staff and our parents. Please take the time to review the material, and complete the online survey by


Survey responses are anonymous unless participants choose to self-identify.



This is just the first phase of our consultation process. There will be further opportunities to provide feedback—both online and in person--in the coming months.


Your input is critical to the Board’s continued commitment to student achievement and well-being and fiscal accountability, which are cornerstones for building a sustainable future.


While we have to face our current budget issues, our mission of providing the best Catholic education for all our students remains unchanged. We will need to consider reorganization, restructuring and re-evaluating how we might be able to do things differently in a more cost-effective manner. We want all of you involved in that discussion because collectively this is our system, these are our schools and these are our students/your children.


Together we will solve this challenge.




Angela Gauthier Michael Del Grande
Director of Education Chair of the Board
cc. All Trustees



Letter re Budget Survey to Parents, Students, Staff,  March 6, 2015.pdfLetter re Budget Survey to Parents, Students, Staff, March 6, 2015.pdf


December 2014--Monthly Update for School Newsletters.pdfDecember 2014--Monthly Update for School Newsletters.pdf


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