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FTC Robotics Scrimmage First Place


After a rush of preparation, team Brebotics completed their 6 runs for the second FTC scrimmage round on Thursday January 21, a precursor event to practice for the official qualifiers in spring. The recording of the runs was preceded by judging sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday directed through Zoom, where the team had to present themselves and their robot to a panel of judges. Just hours before the team recorded their runs, they were able to merge the different robot components that were created by separate members, a building practice that was the unfortunate result of COVID-19. However, thanks to members of the team working very late the night before, a successful run was recorded with quite a good score.


Team Brebotics won first place for the Connect Award, one of the eight available awards for Scrimmage #2! The criteria for the award were an Engineering Notebook and Journal which highlighted their experience with the design and engineering process, as well as additional connectivity to experts in the engineering/robotics field. The Engineering Book was an ongoing project with an admittedly slow start, but it was completed in the nick of time, and the positive reception of it and the team as a whole gives them the extra motivation they need for the upcoming events and really highlights the potential they have to take it all the way.


Team Members:

Daniil Velykyi - gr 12

Jacob Knock - gr 12

Daniel Alberico - gr 12

Sean Smolej - gr 11

Deven Liscombe - gr 12

Clayton Lobo - gr 11

Nayan Liscombe - gr 10

Alexandra Miller - from William Lyon Mackenzie High School MaCS program

Radha Kotra - from William Lyon Mackenzie High School MaCS program​

Armaan Sengupta - Mentor from Chinguacousy Secondary School in Brampton