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The wearing of the proper uniform is NOT a matter of choice but a privilege conferred by acceptance into the Brebeuf Community and by the fact there is an obligation on the part of the students to wear the uniform properly.
The purpose of the school uniform is to instill a sense of pride in and identity with the school.  In order to assure uniform compliance with the Dress Code, all students, parents, and school staff must be familiar with the regulations outlined in this document.  Students returning to Brebeuf should anticipate their uniform needs.  The school's uniform supplier is Halpern’s Ltd. (416) 482-1905.
Students must wear the full uniform while on school property at all times during the school day.     In addition, students are to wear their uniform to and from school.  Alternate footwear and outer jackets may be worn to and from school during periods of inclement weather. 
a)     All items of clothing must be neat, clean, and in good repair.  Students are not to write on any uniform item other than putting their names on the labels.
b)    Students are expected to wear the sweater/vest/blazer in class and in the halls at all times, except when the warm weather uniform is in effect.  A teacher may give students permission to remove their sweaters/vests/blazers, only while in the classroom.
c)     Students who come to school with a uniform problem must report to the office before           the first class and get a uniform slip.
d)    A teacher will send a student to the office for improper uniform. The student will get a note from the main office and consequences may be administered (e.g., parents contacted, detention, sent home to change)
Compulsory Uniform Items           
o    Blazer or Sweater or Vest: Black single-breasted wool and polyester blazer with official Brebeuf crest on the left breast pocket; crested sweater; crested vest. These are only available at Halpern’s Ltd., the official supplier of the Brebeuf uniform.
o    Pants:  Medium gray flannel pants.  Pleated fronts are acceptable.  These pants are sold at Halpern’s.
o    Shirt: A white dress shirt.
o    Shoes: Must be a black dress shoe.
o    Tie: All students must wear the official Brebeuf tie which is available ONLY from Halpern’s.  The tie must be worn so that the knot of the tie is in close proximity to the collar button of the shirt.
o    Socks: Dress or sport socks of any colour are acceptable.
Optional Items
o    Golf Shirt: A white or black golf shirt with Brebeuf crest on left breast pocket can be purchased only at Halpern’s.  The golf shirt may only be worn during warm weather months: September, October, May and June.
o    Undershirts: Students are encouraged to wear white, short-sleeved undershirts, with no writing or insignia that can be seen through the dress shirt.
o    Grad Tie: There is a black grad tie available which can be worn in place of the Brebeuf school tie by graduating students only.
Prohibited Items
o    Badges, insignia, medals, slogans (or buttons bearing such), unless they have been issued by         Brebeuf.
o    Boots and running shoes. 
o    Hats, caps, bandanas, and other head coverings are not to be worn during school hours.
o    Earphones are not to be worn in class.
Physical Education Uniform:
o    Shorts                    Brebeuf regulation gym shorts
o    Shirt                       Brebeuf T-shirt
o    Socks                     White athletic socks
o    Shoes                     Athletic Shoes with non-scuff soles
Note:  Before a Physical Education period, students must leave their jacket, tie, wallet, jewellery, money and all other valuables in their locker.  Students first report to the Physical Education dressing room to change into their Physical Education uniform Students will not be permitted to participate in a gym class without wearing the complete Physical Education uniform.  After Physical Education class, students must change back into their school uniform in the assigned change room.  Students participating in after-school sports will wear clothing or equipment appropriate to that particular sport.  Out of respect for all staff students must change clothing only in the Physical Education change room. Students are not permitted to change in the hallways
Casual Days: Casual days allow students to wear alternative clothing and provide a little extra time to have uniforms cleaned/repaired.  Clothing worn on casual days are expected to correspond with the spiritual and moral tone of a Catholic School. Only one casual day per month is scheduled. Please see school calendar for dates. The student council collects $2.00 from students in casual clothing to sponsor school events.
Co-curricular Activities: For field trips lasting one or more days, students will be informed of dress code standards by the teacher in charge.  On such occasions, students will be asked to wear clothing appropriate to the nature of the trip. 
School Dances:  Casual day dress code applies.