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School History And Tradition
Our school is dedicated to the Canadian Martyrs.  These missionaries came to a new land to spread the faith in the native villages.  The Canadian Martyrs gave up their lives, in their attempt to help the indigenous people hear and believe the teachings of Jesus Christ.  We are fortunate to be located adjacent to Canadian Martyrs Church and close the  Canadian Martyrs Shrine in Midland, Ontario.  Canadian Martyrs School
As well as having a close connection to the history of Canada, we have a long history in the East York community.   Canadian Martyrs Catholic School celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the school in 2002 with a liturgy, family party and community pilgrimage to Canadian Martyrs Shrine.  A number of the parents and grandparents of students currently enrolled, also attended Canadian Martyrs Catholic School.  They share fond memories of their First Communion and Confirmation celebrations as well as many stories about school days at CMCS.
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The school's athletic logo is a red and white crusader helmet representing the Canadian Martyrs Crusaders. The school is currently designing a school crest which will showcase the different aspects of our educational and religious community.