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Toronto Catholic District School Board

About Us

How We Meet the Diverse Needs of Our Students
Strategies used to ensure...
A Catholic Environment
As a Catholic school with a focus on enrichment through the Arts, we are rooted in Gospel values.  We establish our Catholic environment via community, liturgy and curriculum.
Our Chaplaincy team provides pastoral care and counseling for the whole Cardinal Carter community with the goal of establishing and maintaining an environment that is Christian, caring and nurturing. Through our 'Just Youth' umbrella of social justice focused groups, students are encouraged to be aware of and become active in a multitude of social justice issues.  Cardinal Carter students participate fully in conjunction with the community outside of the school through food drives, fundraising for charities, fasts, multicultural assemblies, community services and volunteer work.
Our students and staff are given the opportunity to further develop a sense of community when we come together in faith to pray, reflect on the Gospel and celebrate in our many liturgical and paraliturgical events such as masses, confirmation, retreats, prayer services and assemblies. Our many talented artists are able to contribute their God-given talents and skills so that each opportunity for faith celebration is also a celebration of the Arts.
Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts in an enriched Arts environment.  We infuse Arts throughout all of our curriculum.  As we are a Catholic school, all students are expected to participate in the religious studies program from Grades 7 through 12. In addition we infuse Gospel values into all areas of the curriculum so that students will gain a Catholic and counter-cultural perspective on the issues that confront them today.
A Safe and Welcoming Environment
Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts, as an example of a Christian community based on the premise that life should be guided by faith and lived according to Gospel values, believes that each person has great dignity and is deserving both of the highest respect and the opportunity to work and learn in a safe and orderly environment. A sense of belonging and a “family atmosphere” is fostered at Cardinal Carter by the relative small size of the school and by the inclusion of Grades 7 and 8. Noting that “discipline shares the same Latin root as “disciple” (instruct and/or lead), a “safe and welcoming environment” is established by both precept and example. The student code of behaviour and TCDSB policy, in compliance with the Ontario Human Rights Code and Ministry of Education policies clearly outline what is expected of the school community with regard to behaviour and language in school or while attending school sponsored functions. Further, pursuant to Ministry policy, the school has implemented across the curriculum the principles, practices and outcomes of "Respecting the Difference" which promotes equity and respect for all in order to better reflect the diversity of Canadian society.
Curriculum Initiatives
In this area the diversified needs of our students are met by:
- Developing student artistic talent to the fullest and integrating this talent across the curriculum
- Program modification and resource support for identified exceptional students
- The use of differentiated instructional teaching/learning methods
- Provision of a peer helper program
- The provision of a Guidance program for personal and career counseling.
- A co-curricular program which includes athletics and opportunities to participate in other Arts areas via full school musicals 
  and other school productions.
- Upgrading our computer technology to allow students and staff to engage in 21st century learning and