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The courses in French as a Second Language focus on the development of communication skills and an understanding of the structure and functioning of the language. Our school offers Core French courses from grades 9 to 12 (FSF 1D1, FSF 2D1, FSF 3U1, FSF 4U1).

Through the study of French, students continue to gain an appreciation of the French presence in Canada by becoming more familiar the customs, history, and traditions of French in Canada, as well as across the globe. This enables students to foster greater sensitivity and critical awareness towards other cultures. 

The French department encourages students to participate in a variety of French opportunities and extracurriculars, such as French class trips, the French Public peaking Contest, and the Young Authors contest. 

Congratulations to Rosamaria Conenna and Vianna Vaitkus, for winning the provincial OECTA Young Authors Awards/Prix des Jeunes Écrivains in the Grades 9-10 and Grades 11-12 French Non Fiction category. The student's work is published in a commemorative book.



Congratulations to Taylor Dallin for winning 1st place in our Board and 1st place in the province at this year's Concours/Festival d'Art Oratoire, the largest annual French public-speaking event in Ontario. She won in the grades 9-10 Core French category. This competition took place on May 5 at the Glendon Campus of York University. Congratulations Taylor!



Congratulations to Vianna Vaitkus and Anthony Palermo, for winning the provincial OECTA Young Authors Awards/Prix des Jeunes Écrivains in 2017.  In September, MPP David Zimmer presented both students with an award. Vianna won in the grades 9-10 French Fiction category and Anthony won for writing an English play in the grades 9-10 category. The student's work is published in a commemorative book. 

IMG_0744- 2017- MPP David Zimmer (1).jpeg

Congratulations to the following students who competed at the Concours D’Art Oratoire!

Jimmy Gennaro (gr. 8- Immersion-1st place Regional, 1st place Board, provincial festival)

Isabella Chow    (gr. 8- Core- 1st place Regional, 1stplace Board, provincial festival)

Francesca Fortino (gr. 8- Francophone- 1stplace Regional, 3rd place Board)

Deirdre McNamee (gr. 9- Extended)

Taylor Dallin  (gr. 10-  Core- 1st place Board, 1st place Provincials)

Rosamaria Conenna (gr. 12- Core- 1st place Board, provincial level)



Winners of the 2016-2017 Concours d'art oratoire (French Public Speaking Contest) and Youth Author's writing contest













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