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Music (Band) Application
Please note that all grades must apply through the SECSOAR application to obtain a CCAA application. 

Apply through the following website, 
-        Complete SOAR Secondary (Student Online Admission &
Registration System) application from website. For assistance in   
completing the SECSOAR application, click on the Soar Parent
-      At the end of the SOAR application, select link to appropriate
    Art Area you wish to audition.  You may only apply to ONE art area.
-       The S  STEP 2:
Complete and submit the school application with all supporting documentation
to the school on or before Friday, October 29th.
(Application must be submitted with Arts reference letter, June 2021 Final Report Card,
non-refundable cheque/cash for $20.00)
Audition Dates:
Thursday, November 18th
and November 19th 
Application drop off:
1. In person between 9:00 am. to 4:00 pm.  
    Monday to Friday.  
    Please use doors at the south east corner of our 
    building, ring bell.
2. By Registered Mail to the school: 36 Greenfield
    Ave, Toronto, Ontario, M2N 3C8

For more information on our Band department please visit the Band Website by clicking this link:


For general information about the Music program, please use this link:



We hope this answers some of your questions regarding the completion of the Application Form.  Please contact the school if you have any other inquiries.