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Cardinal Carter Students Stand out at Science Olympics

Three teachers, Ms. Blais, Ms. Schumacher and Ms. Yantha accompanied 46 Carter students to the London District Science Olympics held at the University of Western Ontario on May 26. The 46 Carter students competed in 12 different events in the areas of biology, chemistry and physics.

Carter won:

a) third place in the "Displacement Dragster" event (essentially propelling a home-made balloon car);
b) second place in the "Math Biathlon" event (a test of mental math skills);
c) second place in the "Fermi Questions" event (more math skills);
d) first place in the "Taxonomy" event (this was developed and run by Michelle Blais and involves spelling knowledge of genus and species for organisms in the animal kingdom) and,
e) first place in the "Mystery Solutions" event (identification of compounds through chemical testing).