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Student is a ‘true friend’ of the world:  
Martina Ortiz-Luis is a Grade 7 (vocal music) student at Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts.  In 2013, she wrote a song and composed music for it.  Her parents arranged for the song to be recorded in a professional studio and the school is in the process of arranging for a video to be made.  Martina’s family supports World Vision Canada and sponsors three children.  Martina performed a concert and donated a percentage of her proceeds to World Vision.  She was invited to become an Ambassador for World Vision and travelled to the Philippines in January 2013, after came home committed to doing whatever she could possibly do.   
She has decided to donate 100% of the proceeds from her first music video to World Vision (via i-Tunes).  The video highlights how “true friends” are there to provide support 24/7. Martina was recognized for her work with a Father Andrew Cuschieri Award for students who have accomplished a humanitarian act.  It was presented at the TCDSB Annual Awards Night on May 5, 2014.
To purchase her video (100% of proceeds go to World Vision):